Creepy games galore

It’s been a busy old time again. I’ve just finished writing up a review for Wallace and Gromit: Fright of the Bumblebee which will be up shortly. Can’t say my views on it yet as the embargo’s not up till tomorrow.
Now I have 3 games up for review left to do: Silent Hill:Homecoming for the 360, Drakensang for the PC and Wordology for the iPhone. Yes, I’m now reviewing iPhone games. I will now be writing for The Portable Gamer which is pretty cool and good experience for my portfolio which is growing larger by the second it seems!

For fun, I haven’t really settled on much. Often been too tired to play much for fun. I finished off Fallout 3 with a respectable 700/1100. I will 100% it but I’ll wait till all the DLC is out before I get it again, I might rent it instead this time too but we’ll see. It was a good game after the very slow start, not one of my favourites of all time or anything but certainly kept me entertained. As mentioned, I’ve started playing Silent Hill: Homecoming, initial reactions are that it’s definitely creepy (mainly because the world is so odd, as you’d expect from a Silent Hill game) however the combat so far is absolutely shocking. I hope it improves! Talking of creepy games, after owning it for 18 months, I’ve finally started playing Condemned. I played it initially with a friend and liked it but I’m rubbish with scary games so I never quite had the nerve. But as I fancied a game with a strong storyline, I gave this a shot. I’ve finished Chapter 4 now and absolutely loving it. It’s not even aged very badly which is good going for a launch title.

Anyway, not a long update. I’ve not got much to say admittedly and I’m tired. Giving myself a day off tomorrow as I worked all weekend either the paid sort or the writing sort.

2 thoughts on “Creepy games galore

  1. James

    Looking forward to you verdict on Wallace & Gromit – I’m a massive fan of the plasticine pair!

    I must go back to Fallout 3, but for some reason I don’t feel compelled to do so. I just want to finish the main quest now, but I find myself drawn to more pick-up-and-play games nowadays.

  2. Haly Post author

    I really enjoyed it 🙂 Captured the essence of Wallace and Gromit really well. It’s a bit simplistic for adults but I still enjoyed it as a fan of the characters.
    Review should be up in the next day or so hopefully.

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