Busy, busy, busy and hoorah for the return of the iPhone

I’m very pleased to say that at last my iPhone is back with me after being away for 3 weeks being repaired. Most annoyingly, Apple charged me as supposedly there was signs of it being dropped when I’ve never dropped it and there wasn’t a mark on it when I sent it away :/ But never mind. A complaint letter will be winging its way towards Apple despite me doubting it’ll make any difference.
On the plus side, my iPhone’s back 🙂 Didn’t realise how much I relied on it too it was gone!
I was rather impressed that despite not remembering ever backing anything up, that iTunes had done it all automatically and once plugged back in, I had all my photos back as well as my contacts, and even the last searched item in the App Store. Annoyingly I didn’t have any Apps but that was no big deal. I’ve since reinstalled Facebook and switched from Twitterific to Twitterfon, and I’m going to set up Gmail too. The iPhone’s absence has given it a new lease of life for me 🙂

Anyway this was intended to be quite a brief entry just to say I’m going to be busy.

I’ve currently got two reviews and one article to write. As well as this I’m working most of this weekend, which financially is good, but otherwise a bit crap :p Most annoyingly this means I’ve missed out on featuring on Big Red Potion, Shoinan‘s Podcast which is rather excellent. Get downloading it if you haven’t already 🙂
Hopefully I’ll be able to feature at a later date when work hasn’t given me quite so many hours!

Anyway, need to sort out some dinner before work shortly. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post up my weekly photo….erm once i’ve decided what it is!

4 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy and hoorah for the return of the iPhone

  1. James

    Glad your iPhone’s back, but I’d be intrigued to know if there’s any difference between twitterific, twitterfon and all the other twitter apps – surely they just do the same thing?

  2. Haly Post author

    A lot of it for me was looks. I liked Twitterific but it all felt a bit dark and harder to see clearly, so I had a look around. A lot of people suggested Tweetie so I ended up going for that despite it costing £1.99.
    Features wise: http://gigapple.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/twitter-table.png has quite a good list of comparisons. But for the most part, I just went for the prettiest one, shallow I know :p

  3. James

    Cheers. Looks like I’m not really missing out on anything. Haven’t got majorly into Twitter.

  4. Haly

    I have quite a bit, it seems like it could be a decent networking tool. Then again, I don’t work full time at the moment so I have plenty of free time! I think if I was working, I’d have less time for it as it’d be yet another thing to keep track of.

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