Birthday themed update

Point increase since 5th October: 775
Not a bad increase for 6 days at all! Especially not as I didn’t touch my 360 on Thursday excluding starting up Viva Pinata to keep my streak going. It was my birthday on Thursday which brought about a few nice surprises.
For one thing, it wasn’t quite as upsetting as I thought it’d be (due to it being the first birthday without my Dad) which made things a bit easier although the week was stressful. For another, my Mum let me regress to childhood and we got guinea pigs! I had guinea pigs as a kid, but when the second pair died when I was a teenager, they didn’t get replaced. Ever since, I’ve missed having them and for the past six months, we’ve gone to look at them whenever I’ve felt particularly down. So now we have our own 🙂 It took most of Thursday for us to track any down (it took us till the 4th pet shop to find female guinea pigs!) but we got a pair 🙂

So I introduce you to…..Toffee and Scruffy!

Scruffy in particular is absolutely tiny at the moment as you can see compared to my Mum’s hands in the photos. They’re both from the same litter despite having different looks and being different sizes. They’re getting spoilt rotten while we try to get them a bit braver as they’re very shy at the moment, so that’s taken up a lot of my time!

In gaming (and birthday) news, I’ve got a couple of additions to my collection. Namely, Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway and Too Human which my brief thoughts on have been collected in my previous entry. I also got a vision cam which in theory will help me with Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise, and a Prima Game Guide for Viva Pinata which I’m aiming to complete before I move onto TiP. With a combination of Viva Pinata (and TiP to follow), BiA: Hell’s Highway, Too Human and Fifa 09 I’m really enjoying gaming at the moment. They’ve given me a little revival. I didn’t cut back on gaming before but I guess it felt more like a habit, currently it’s feeling much more enjoyable and all these games should last me until Fable 2 comes out. Oh and not forgetting I have Sonic Chronicles for the DS to review at the moment, which should be good fun as I’m a huge Bioware fan and I used to love Sonic games 🙂

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