Belated Christmas Wishes

Point increase since 11th December: 1485
I’ve not been in the greatest of moods lately so I’ve been hiding away a little. For those who didn’t know, my Dad died earlier this year so with this being the first Christmas without him, it’s been pretty difficult and I’m glad to put it behind me. Although I know the advent of 2009 won’t make things magically better, I’m hoping by this time next year things will be and I do have plans in my mind. Anyway, that can be saved until my end of year entry 😉

Two new reviews are up in the review section. Lord of The Rings Online: Mines of Moria and Scene It? Box Office Smash. Enjoy. I’ve got Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe coming soon to review, otherwise not sure what after that but I’m sure I’ll be busy again soon enough!

As you can see from my gamercard, I’ve finally hit 70k! Might even manage 71k by the end of the year, but I doubt it. Certainly pretty close though. This time next year 100k? Certainly achieveable. On a gaming note, I still can’t decide with Fallout 3. I’ve played it a lot more and I am wanting to play it but I’m not craving it. It still just feels alright to me. I love the VATS system but some other parts of combat feel irritating to me and clunky. I guess I’m just the exception, as I don’t know anyone else who hasn’t been impressed by it. I was the same with Oblivion, so maybe it’s just that I don’t get on with the game engine. Who knows! Still, I’ll press on and get it completed. The story’s not bad, it’s just not provoked much emotion from me, certainly not compared to the likes of Lost Odyssey. I’d probably give Fallout 3 7/10 which funnily enough is the same score that Edge gave it so at least I’m not entirely alone!

I’m saving my main gaming rambles for the end of the year round up so onto the personal stuff. My elbow is much improved, it’s still a bit lumpy and sore at times but well on the road to recovery. I’ve got an appointment about it on Wednesday but I’m hoping I can cancel it. In not so good news, the puppy (named Charlie in the end) didn’t work out 🙁 Despite being great with people, he went ballistic at the cat and attacked him, so we just couldn’t keep him. Luckily for ‘Charlie’ he now has a good home with an RSPCA Inspector’s family so I’m sure the two kids there are keeping him very entertained!

Despite the build up to Christmas being incredibly difficult, the actual day went pretty well. The first roast dinner me and my Mum have ever made without my Dad (so 24 years worth) went well and was very nice and we managed to eat it too. My Mum loved the presents I got her (2 of which were PS2 games, I’ve created a monster!) and I was very fortunate for presents too. I received Prince of Persia and PGR4 from her, as well as a few books, a Frankie Boyle DVD, Mock the Week DVD, the new X-Files movie DVD, Family Guy Season 7 and some new trainers (which I desperately needed as the sole’s worn down on my old pair!). As well as that, my good friend Nokkonwud bought me Mirror’s Edge which was a brilliant surprise 🙂 Really enjoyable game too, certainly unique both in terms of graphics and control system. Not going to be the longest game in the world but with enough replay value to it thanks to the time trial system and achievements. Thanks again Nokkon, really very kind of you 🙂

I’ve also been given some money to spend, as well as have plans to sell some old games so expect me to have even more games sooner or later! Probably Left 4 Dead at least, and possibly CoD5.

And finally……I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.7 (doubt anyone can tell the difference! Think it was all behind the scenes) and I’ve also applied Lightbox to some of the pictures. As an example, click on the Quantum of Solace Faceplate below and see what I mean. I’ll be using that more in the future so I can have thumbnails leading to the full image without you having to click away. Clever eh?