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I’ve been wanting to reboot this place for a while. It’s been a handy place to dump my thoughts but admittedly, I’m egotistical. I want others to actually read this site again and, well, emo dumping isn’t really the way forward! So, I’m taking a leaf out of Brad Gallaway’s book and trying out a specific format of sub-headers. This means you, the reader, can choose to skip past stuff that doesn’t interest you and, hopefully, you’ll come back for more. Plus, I’ll try to update a bit more often than once in a blue moon!

Games: I’m at a bit of a crossover period with my gaming at the moment. I’m all too happy to say that I’m normally a very mainstream gamer. The last month or so, I’ve sunk 40 hours into Gears of War Judgment and loved every second. I’ve just hit the second Prestige in it and I’m keen to get round to finishing off the other achievements. Having said that, I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by other Xbox 360 titles (my ‘main’ system) of late. I’ve played and completed both Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite. Enjoyed them at the time, had no urge for more or to think them over in any great depth. They just haven’t done it for me in that way. I can confidently say my Top 3 games this year, so far, are: 1) Ni No Kuni (despite its many flaws), 2) Gears of War Judgment and 3) DmC: Devil May Cry.

Anyhow, I’ve gone on a bit of a Nintendo kick now. Always a good direction to take, although I’m considering pursuing some of the JRPGs that Pete Davison has recommended too.

Thanks to the allure of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, I traded in a bunch of stuff towards a Wii U last week. Besides NintendoLand that came with it, I’ve also bought the aforementioned MH3U and New Super Mario Bros Wii U. NintendoLand is a fun distraction. Nothing amazing and not a patch on Wii Sports, but fun. I’ve mostly played multiplayer which has been a good laugh, albeit a little restrictive as I don’t have any Wii Motion Plus Remotes. Mario is great. More of the same really, but as I didn’t play New Super Mario Bros on the Wii, I think I’ve come to it at the right time. The real stand-out feature is being able to play it solely on the Gamepad. As I tend to get plenty of time in the evenings for handheld gaming but not so much 360 or PS3 time, it’s ideal.
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
The off-TV support for MH3U isn’t quite as well implemented, but that’s ok. It’s something I’d rather absorb myself in on a big TV. Despite playing Tri, I appear to have forgotten everything, so it’s a very absorbing experience. Early days but just what I need at the moment, I think. Similarly, I’ve got Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen to sink my teeth into, although I can’t say anything about it just yet!

Back to Ninty, and Fire Emblem: Awakening arrived today. Again, early days but I have a very strong feeling I’m going to adore it.

Work is going well. Plenty of work to do for 148apps, plus the added flexibility of being able to pursue pretty much anything iOS related that interests me. It’s nice to be so flexible with what I do and when. It’s something I need very much at the moment, while life isn’t as smooth sailing as I would like. Regular work for MyM too, which is nice. Still something exciting about seeing my name in print each month! I haven’t pitched elsewhere in a while which I really need to rectify. I’ve needed stability most of all of late, though, and the 148apps stuff keeps me bobbing along nicely. Anxiety issues suck when you’re self employed and should probably keep pushing. It’s not a fun mix!

After a very sluggish Winter, I need to get back into shape. The main issue being how hideously unfit I am. I’ve cancelled my gym membership as it wasn’t fitting into my life well, but I’ve got a rowing machine now plus kettlebells. Combined with regular walks, hopefully I’ll get back to it. I’ve got a few apps to help me do sit-ups and push-ups too. The latter of which being something I really struggle with. Also, I’ll have yet another attempt at jogging soon too. Quite determined to manage that one day, despite the dodgy ankle and lung capacity of a gnat.

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    Aww I liked the old blue style, but at least the grey helps draw attention to the the most important part of the page – the articles. You should link your instagram stuff here too, seeing as you post there most days 🙂

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