Baby Legend of Zelda Link Costume

Friends of mine are expecting a baby in December. They’re as geeky as me with a particular penchant for all things Legend of Zelda ish. Last weekend was her surprise baby shower with a bunch of friends. I couldn’t make it sadly due to prior commitments that I couldn’t get out of. That didn’t stop me plotting to get her a great present however. This is the picture story of exactly what it was:

Oh hey, it’s a box. With pictures of Link. How unremarkable but potentially practical.

Let’s peer inside.

Oooh, a card with a picture of Link on it and underneath it is quite a big hint as to the full present. Buckle and all.

Let’s get it out of the box….

Ah ha! Yup, it’s a baby Link outfit!

Here’s the full costume along with leggings, cute little brown booties, knitted buckle, green hat and the ever important quiver. In this case, the quiver supports a baby bottle perfectly.

Pretty cool, eh? Googled around for the pattern then recruited my very talented Mum to knit it for me and my friends. It took her a little while as the pattern wasn’t the greatest but it provided a sufficient enough guide.

Here’s hoping it fits Daz and Dee‘s baby now!

3 thoughts on “Baby Legend of Zelda Link Costume

  1. Emily

    Jen, that is so amazingly thoughtful.

    And now I must ask a most important question: where did you find the pattern? (I knit, quite a bit.)

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