Yeah it’s been a while, apologises to the few of you still reading.

As you can see I’ve spruced things up a little and changed the theme again. I’ve also added the Portfolio section which covers everything I’ve done to date.

There are quite a few updates as you can see! Most notably I’m now no longer Reviews Editor with GrE and TPG. I decided that it was for the best so that I can focus on my writing.
Since then, besides being much more relaxed, I’ve written a piece for one of my favourite sites Resolution and been writing a few reviews for a good friend’s site Hi-Score. Most importantly, I feel more in control of my work which is always good! Hoping to write a piece for this blog soon on escapism through gaming, something that has been ably written about by some of my peers here, here and here. The ironic thing is due to the content, I’m escaping from writing about it and waiting till I feel mentally up to it! I can think of two things I’d like to write about, and I’m sure it would be cathartic to do so, but sometimes denial is useful.

Anyway no guarantees, but I’ll try to write here a little more often now that I have more free time although I do seem to be writing at least one full article every day at the moment! Good old busy season. Certainly not complaining, I wouldn’t have been able to play the likes of Uncharted 2 if it hadn’t been for such review opportunities. Uncharted 2 is a bit good by the way, more in the next few days.

Oh and before I forget, I was hoping to attend the Eurogamer Expo next week in London but as my foot is still causing me plenty of problems, this almost certainly won’t be happening now. It’s looking pretty unlikely I’ll be returning to my day job soon too. What fun! Not.

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  1. Sinan

    What piece did you write for Resolution? Would love to read it 🙂 And I won’t be at Eurogamer either now, so we should just hop on our PS3s and play Uncharted 2 multiplayer all weekend as a protest sulk 😉

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