A quiet week

It’s been a quiet week for me for obvious reasons. I’ve lost count of how many films I’ve seen and my living room is starting to feel like a prison cell more than anything else. I do have some mobility but the problem is ensuring everything I need is with me at all times. If I want to move to a different room for example, I need to get my Mum to move the footstool for me otherwise if my foot’s not elevated, it gets inflamed and hurts. Then of course if I have the footstool, what if I need a drink, or something to eat or countless random things that I didn’t realise I used throughout the day until suddenly I had to rely on someone else to go get it for me.
I’ve got an appointment at the fracture clinic on Friday to see how my foot is doing so cross your fingers for me. I’m hoping I can have a lighter, weight bearing cast and be able to walk about a bit more (in the past 2 weeks I’ve only been out 3 times and then only for a maximum of 10mins browsing in Blockbuster before my foot’s hurt too much!), and of course that my foot is healing properly and in the correct manner. Worst case could be it’s healing wrong meaning an operation which brings about a whole wealth of other problems and concerns, so I don’t really want that at all!

Work wise, thanks to painkillers and general blehness stemming from the foot, I’ve cut back a bit on work. So not many links to pimp at the moment. The latest Rumor Killers is up at TheGameReviews and by the end of the week my article on Motion Control and Disability will also be up there.

Also up at ThePortableGamer is my review of Dawn of Discovery on the DS, and soon there should be an iPhone review too.

Last but not least, a review of Zenonia for The iBlog.

I’m also currently working on a preview for a game I can’t name yet. When I write it all down, I seem to have done a fair bit…..but for 2 weeks work, it’s relatively little compared to what I was doing before the foot incident, and it’s probably doing me good. I have far too many up and down days with this foot mostly down to the frustration of not being able to do….well mostly anything. I think when the Autumn comes, I’ll be hitting the gym a lot, I’m going to end up huge at this rate of sedentary life!