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Hmm only been just over a week since my last update. It feels longer! I’ve had quite a quiet week for once which was handy as the first half of the week, I wasn’t feeling well. I wasn’t at work much and I’ve only had the one article to write: a review of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon which only arrived Wednesday due to the weather. The weather has also helped give me a quiet week as for much of the week, it’s been a bit icy for going out! I love snow, it’s the one thing left in my life that can still make me feel like a kid 🙂 Pity I have to go back to reality now :p

First up, work wise, a few new pieces available: a BattleForge preview, an article on the Rise of the iPhone and a review of Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe. Plenty to keep you busy!

Future work that should be available next week will consist of my Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon review and the much anticipated (admittedly by me rather than anyone else) write up on my experiences at Capcom Headquarters! Yup, come Friday, I’ll be heading to London for the day to see Resident Evil 5 for myself and to interview Capcom’s Ben LeRougetel about the game. If you’ve got any questions that you’d like to see asked, post over at the XboxGameZone forums for a chance 🙂

I treated myself after a month of no game purchases with the Guitar Hero:Aerosmith bundle. I’ve wanted a wireless guitar for a while but never been able to justify it, but for £32.99, I finally couldn’t resist. I’m very glad I bought it, for one thing because the offer’s now vanished, but also because it’s excellent fun. I can see why the hardened Guitar Hero fans aren’t so keen, it is much easier than GH2 or 3 but for me (a very bad Guitar Hero player), it’s great as I can actually survive more than five seconds on Medium! I’m hoping to practice lots on this then move back to GH3 and give that a whirl on Medium. Oh and the guitar feels a noticeable improvement upon my wired one.

Twitter seems to have brought out the uber geek in me. I can now admit to having twittered in my sleep…..yes my sleep. I am admittedly a bit strange when asleep. I’ve often sleepwalked around the house, I regularly talk and laugh in my sleep. I’ve replied to texts in my sleep (coherently at that), and perhaps most embarrassingly of all, I once stripped a double bed that my ex and I were sleeping in at the time, and only stopped when he asked me what I was doing. However, I can now add twittering to that impressive list. What was the twitter you may ask:

Just woke myself up dreaming of Twitter, how random 4:19 AM Feb 4th from twitterrific

Stunningly intelligent wasn’t it? Still, what do you expect at 4.19am!

On that note, I need some sleep. I’ll try not to twitter in my sleep again 😛

3 thoughts on “New Reviews and rambles

  1. borandi

    Haha Twitter ftw 😉 In terms of difficulty, I would say the following (speaking from Guitar, I currently play expert):

    GH3 > RB2 > GH2 > RB1 > GHA

    Not tried GH:WT, or the drums in any serious fashion, on any of them yet. I’m tone deaf, so :p to vocals.

    Have fun at Capcom. Yes I’m green with envy, even if it is RE5.

  2. Haly Post author

    I’m glad RB1 is on my rental list then 😀 Never played a RB game before but really keen to try. I sold GH2 not long ago but can always rent it if I get better at the guitar.
    My little finger refuses to do what my brain tells it to :p

  3. James

    Sleep twittering? That’s so far beyond worrying it’s reached sheer brilliance!

    Enjoy Capcom – look forward to reading your thoughts on Resi 5.

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