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Another new review up. This time round, it’s the World of Warcraft expansion pack: Wrath of the Lich King. Odds are if you’re interested in WoW, you’re too busy levelling up to 80 to bother reading any reviews which makes my write up a bit pointless but never mind πŸ˜›

So what’s been happening the past week or so? Quite a lot but not necessarily much of interest! I’ve been quietly musing upon my future business venture, I’ve been working, I’ve been writing reviews and occasionally I’ve been playing games purely for fun! Shocking I know.

Work’s ok, nothing exciting at all really. I mostly spend my time labelling stock or alphabetising DVDs, it’ll do for now. Not sure how much good it’s doing me mentally but I don’t fancy going into that on here.

Reviews wise? Well as you can see, I’ve recently had reviews of Fifa 09 and Wrath of the Lich King uploaded for XboxGameZone and play.tm respectively. I’m now working on Dungeon Maker for the DS for play.tm and Spiderman: Web of Shadows for the 360 for XboxGameZone. No rest for the wicked! I’m really enjoying it of late though so that’s good πŸ™‚ Considering how I can expand this into a paid role somewhere but we’ll see. The quality might not be up to it anyhow!

So in between all that work, what have I been playing? Oooh there’s been lots, and I’ve been very lucky with how many new games I’ve played lately. I have of course been playing a fair bit of WoW but I can’t see anyone that reads this blog really caring about that so I’ll not bother writing on it.

I’ve done some point whoring thanks to a newly activated Lovefilm 3 month trial (again). Currently I have Madden 09 (not played it yet), Summer Athletics and NBA2k9. Despite Summer Athletics being theoretically an easy 1000, due to my inability to be able to hammer buttons quickly or waggle joysticks (in this case, joypads), I can’t see me 1king this. At least not without severe friction burns or dislocated fingers. NBA2k9 is much more my sort of pace, I enjoy Basketball games anyhow and the points are flowing nicely here. Nothing overly special but if you like previous 2k games, this one will suit you just fine.

I’ve also been playing a number of the bigger games of the season. I rented Quantum of Solace from work Sunday night. With the newest releases, I only have them for 2 nights (albeit completely free) so I didn’t get round to completing QoS but got to see enough to judge it. Much like the film of the same name, this game lacks a certain something that makes it any more than average. Maybe it’s down to Treyarch, the developers, who have the uncanny knack of making games that are fine but lack a little bit of soul that makes them stand out. Just look at CoD3, it should have been as good as CoD2 but somehow it didn’t quite hit the spot. QoS is just the same. It is nice how it ties up a few missing bits in between Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace the film though. And admittedly in my case, the same rule applies as with the film. I’ll forgive Daniel Craig anything! The likeness is a bit poor though, but it’s still his voice so I’m happy!

I’ve 1ked Fable 2 now and it was very satisfying. I know everyone else did it within a week of launch but I enjoyed taking my time and I enjoyed the game itself immensely. It is very flawed at times and lacking a lot of the promises that Peter Molyneux made, but I’m content with what is there.

I’ve still not finished Gears of War 2, got near the end of Act 4 while co-oping with my friend Daz but since then one or the other of us have been busy every evening. Hopefully Thursday we’ll manage to meet up again to finish this off. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far, much the same as the original but that’s no bad thing at all. Not played multiplayer yet but I have played Horde with Abooie, DaveyPitch, Daz and Leowyatt which was excellent fun. Hopefully be doing that again soon!

Finally, I now have Fallout 3. The new 360 for the living room arrived yesterday along with the GAME limited edition of Fallout 3.

Nice figure, eh? Second figure I’ve had in 2 weeks, I’d love to collect more…….must resist!

I’ve only played the game for 30 minutes or so yet and for some of that, I was so tired I was falling asleep at the controller. So no real first impressions yet. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll find more time to do so and I’ll post my thoughts.

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