Xbox 360 games I’m catching up on

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks in my personal life, so apologises for the lack of updates. Hopefully things will be a bit more regular now. The Silent Hill Homecoming review is to come shortly once I finish writing it up. It’s a game that’s so very nearly good and yet somehow I’m just not feeling it. This is of course extremely subjective. Written down, the game sounds fine, but it just doesn’t have that spark that it should have. It’s a real shame. Then again, if you can find it cheap, I’d still recommend going for it as there’s a lot worse that you could play. Just don’t go in with high expectations and it’ll be fine. I have no doubt that Silent Hill fans will still enjoy it, just maybe not as much as they’d like to.

Having had a small clearout of games earlier today, I’ve picked out a few games in my collection that I want to concentrate on for a while. Knowing me, I’ll change my mind within the week but you never know, writing it here is good motivation 😉 It’s in no way because the games are bad (they’re all pretty good really!), it’s just that my attention span is pretty poor at the best of times. Anyway, on with the list!

Call of Duty 2
I’ve recently got this back after lending it to a friend for a while. It’s one of my favourite 360 games and also one of the first I bought for the system. I started playing it on Veteran back in 2007 and never really progressed very far. It was part down to lack of patience, and mostly down to my crap attention span. However I fancy going back to it so I’m determined I will now. My Dad used to love watching me play it so it makes sense to finally do it on Veteran!

I’m roughly halfway through this now so I’d like to get it done. It’s a good game that holds up well despite its age (both it and CoD2 were launch titles at the end of 2006) that deserves my time, especially as I’ve owned it for about 2 years now!

Dead Space
I’ve only owned this a couple of days thanks to trading a few games in. Initial impressions were very good. The graphics are very impressive, the HUD is an interesting concept and I love the audio logs. However now I’ve reached the fourth chapter I’m starting to realise its flaws. It all seems a little repetitive without really mixing anything up. It’s also only made me jump once which is surprising!

Fallout 3
I want to finish off the last of the achievements before Broken Steel. There’s not much left to do but I feel a bit burned out after obsessively playing it the last couple of weeks, so I’m leaving it a little while first. I have points waiting for Broken Steel’s release. 🙂

Grand Theft Auto IV
Yes I’m rather behind! Some very good friends of mine got me this at launch last year but my life was a total mess at the time and despite playing it a fair bit back then, it somehow got left behind a little, and I’d really like to return to it now. Plus I might get The Lost and The Damned once I’ve completed the main game.

Tomb Raider Underworld
I recently won a DLC code for Beneath the Ashes thanks to NowGamer, primarily the Twitter feed of one of its journalists. So this seems a perfect excuse to go back to Tomb Raider and try out the DLC and go back to the main story.

So yes, I have plenty to get on with! And that’s even before I mention the rental copy of Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars on the Wii, GTA:Chinatown on the DS and my forthcoming copy of Resident Evil 5 that I’m reviewing next!

3 thoughts on “Xbox 360 games I’m catching up on

  1. James

    Best of luck with all that! I’m also behind on my 360 games. I’m not even halfway through GTA or Fallout 🙁

  2. Eyyaz

    I felt the same about dead space. walk into a room, lights go out, shoot, find a body or two on the floor, shoot to make sure they are dead. Can’t really say if it made me jump at all =/

    All in all it was a good game =]

  3. xbox 360 game bundles

    I’ve just gone back GTA4 after getting hooked on cod4, it feels like a new game as i completely forgot what it feels like to play

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