Sometimes I think World of Warcraft is just too simple to play.
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing it. It’s great to play when I’m tired after work or Uni, but there’s no fear factor to it.
If you die, you respawn in a graveyard usually very near to your corpse, you respawn as a ghost and can go collect your corpse. The only risk being when you click resurrect now but you even have quite a fair bit of distance in which that covers, certainly ample enough room to make sure you’re not stuck respawning on top of a high level mob to wipe you out.
You don’t lose any experience when you die, you lose a little bit of durability on your armour but not much.

In Everquest 1 (My first MMORPG, I played from 2001 till 2003), you die and you respawn at your last ‘bind’ point, if it’s 10 zones away, well tough, you’ve still got to run it, no I don’t care how long it’ll take to do. Oh yeah and you respawn alive and with none of your gear so it can be very dangerous depending on how far the run is. Oh yeah and you lose a fair bit of experience, and you can only get your gear right where it is, so if there’s a high level mob on top of your corpse, well tough basically, you’re just going to have to somehow loot all your stuff extremely fast and run for it. Odds are, it’s not going to work and you’ll need some mates to help you out.

Plus, you know that nice little hearthstone everyone gets in WoW? Oh no you don’t in Everquest 1, not unless you’re a caster class. If you’re a warrior or any kind of melee class, tough, you’re running everywhere.

And maps with a quick press of M? Pffft you’ll be lucky. You could after about a year of me playing EQ1 thanks to a new expansion pack but before that you were just stuck memorising the routes. Or in my case, I printed out maps that I needed most.

Like I said, I enjoy WoW but it’s certainly simplified compared to EQ1 that I used to play. Not played EQ1 for more than 5mins in nearly 3 years so for all I know it could also be simplified now too. I hope not though, or at least not too much.

WoW vs EQ1
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