Weekly (well not so weekly) Achievement Update #13, #14 and #15

Work got busy, and then I got gaming a fair amount so this got left behind.

Been a productive few weeks though and the number of games I own have certainly increased!

In that time I’ve played 12 new games and I’m currently waiting for Eternal Sonata to arrive too.

In case you hadn’t guessed, it was my birthday over this period (last Tuesday to be exact) and many relatives sent me money which meant by the end of it all, I had £115 to spend! So I went games shopping on Sunday and returned with 3 new games to include alongside the 2 games my parents had bought me and a few arcade games I’ve picked up along the way. Also picked up Ghostbusters 1 and 2 on DVD which is awesome.

So games, games, games.
In no particular order:

Stranglehold – I played the demo of this Saturday night and instantly loved the simplicity behind it. So Sunday i picked up the collector’s edition (mainly because I like the tinned versions as I already own the Bioshock tin and Dead Rising tin). Funnily enough, now I’ve not quite settled into it. It’s fun, just maybe not as amazing as I thought it would be. Probably something I’ll play through once then trade in.
Either way, I’m up 25 points thanks to it, so far.

The Darkness – I didn’t know too much about this game but NokkonWud recommended this to me (when I say recommended, I mean he said ‘you must buy this or else’ :P) and he’s usually right so I picked it up for £20. So far, it’s good. It’s keeping me interested but I can’t quite put my finger on why. I definitely like how it’s giving me achievement points gradually, it’s keeping my achievement whoreness keen. The story’s interesting and the graphics are sublime.
Currently I’m up to 150 points on it, just got to Chapter 2.

Flatout: Ultimate Carnage – I fancied another somewhat mindless game so got this alongside The Darkness in a 2 for £40 deal. I haven’t touched it much but figure it’ll be nice when I just want a quick 10 minute bash at something. I mainly went for it after playing it with DaveyPitch a couple of months ago. It was good fun, and I need some 2 player games in my collection I think.
Only got 10 points on this so far, like I said, I’m keeping it really for later on.

Condemned – Birthday present for me 🙂 I played this while visiting friends in Liverpool. We all sat round the TV as I played through it, scaring the crap out of me as well as them. I wouldn’t have the nerve to play it on my own 😀 But it looked great, had tremendous atmosphere to it and was really impressive for a launch title.
Again I’ve not played it hugely but in this case I’m saving it for when I can devote a few days to it (probably a weekend) and simply play my way through it with no break. I’ve played the start of it and it’s instantly hooked me.
10 points here.

Blue Dragon – My other birthday present, Blue Dragon. I love RPGs, I’m a total nut for them so this was an obvious one for me. It’s a bit slow starting so far but I’m hoping it picks up soon. Again, one that requires a fair amount of time devoting to it, hence the paltry 10 points so far.

Besides these, I’ve also finally played Gun and it’s excellent! Really been enjoying it and surprised it hasn’t had better reviews. That was a nice 650 points so far, with more to do yet.

I also rented CSI – Hard Evidence which was exactly what I expected, a fairly average point and click game with incredibly simple achievements, so that was an easy 1k! It was good fun though, even if it did only last me a day.

Finally, I’ve acquired 5 new arcade games. 3 were free and the other two were just tempting me too much.
For free, I gained Robotron, Joust and Yaris. As soon as I played them all, I knew why they were free. Oh dear.

I then purchased Tetris Splash which was fun but probably not worth 800pts in hindsight but oh well. And finally the best arcade game I’ve ever played (with Puzzle Fighter and Zuma coming up strong behind it): Puzzle Quest. Such an amazingly addictive game and so much fun! It might have cost 1200 pts but it was worth every penny. Go download the trial NOW!

So 2020 points, not bad going.
I feel like right now is a great time to own a 360, I’ve got so many games to play and I’ve still got November to follow with Mass Effect, Call of Duty 4 and Guitar Hero 3 amongst others. Plus there’s still plenty from the October line up I wouldn’t mind owning.
If I feel that happy about the 360 line up, imagine how happy the Halo fans must feel!

6 thoughts on “Weekly (well not so weekly) Achievement Update #13, #14 and #15

  1. suarvvvvvvvvvvvvvve

    Condemned is excellent, good choice. Flatout is a mixed bag imo. I got up to 170/100 and had to stop. It’s similar to Forza 2 – same tracks over and over, although the car is extremely easy to control. Once you get the hang of powersliding (which will take 2 or 3 races max) the game is quite easy really. I got bored and sold it on OCuK :/

    Just about to go and buy PGR4 and Halo 3 – aint bought any games for an age and have been stuck at 45,000 for way too long!

  2. ~J~

    Hey don’t forget Haly. If you need a big strapping hard man to stand outside your bedroom door while you play Condemned, you know where I am!!

  3. Darren/Kainz Uk

    Condemned is a brilliant launch title. Great visuals too with AA for once. It took me two days to work up the balls to pass a certain level towards the end of the game – that’s how freaked out I was from the ambience 😮

  4. suarvvve

    you must not have like the shopping mall level then. Actually jumped off my chair when i noticed the manachins were moving. zomg!

  5. Darren/Kainz Uk

    That shopping department level was scary I give you that, and yet that mannequin moment was disturbing – but the second from last level in the house was awful for me….I was too scared to venture deeper into the house as it were 😮

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