Slightly delayed update as I’ve not really been in the mood. Scarily I’ve not even been in the mood for much gaming 😮
Anyways, only a 500 point increase between the two past Sundays.
I received The Bourne Conspiracy for review and played my way through it. The review’s available to have a look at. In short: A definite rental. I got 375 points out of it and although I could have got some more points out of it, I’ve stuck it on ebay as money’s more important at the moment and I should get a good price for it. The cover system drove me insane in the end so I feel a bit put off by all games with cover systems at the moment, which is a pity for Dark Sector which just arrived from Lovefilm. I’m not overly impressed by it so far but I think I’m just a bit bored of third person shooters for now. I might send it back soon and get it another time.
Played a bit more of Lego Indiana Jones, laziness is stopping me 1king it really. But I will get there soon enough.
I’ve plodded along with Football Manager 2008 as well.

I did receive NBA Ballers but it was so shocking, I sent it back the same day with no points. It’s ruined my completion percentage but it was pretty bad to begin with, and I’ve got a low tolerance of bad games.
Having said that, I will get on with X-Men. Despite realising I deleted my save file from last year 🙁

Oh and finally, I succumbed and bought games. It was a bad weekend so I went for 4 for £20 in Gamestation and acquired Tomb Raider Legend, Shadowrun, Superman Returns and Championship Manager 07. I used to own the first two so for £5 each they were worth it. Champ looks like it’s going to be a challenge and a half though!

Hopefully a more interesting update soon with a write up of what I think of the new games.

Weekly Roundup – Start of July
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