Weekly Roundup – Start of July

Slightly delayed update as I’ve not really been in the mood. Scarily I’ve not even been in the mood for much gaming 😮
Anyways, only a 500 point increase between the two past Sundays.
I received The Bourne Conspiracy for review and played my way through it. The review’s available to have a look at. In short: A definite rental. I got 375 points out of it and although I could have got some more points out of it, I’ve stuck it on ebay as money’s more important at the moment and I should get a good price for it. The cover system drove me insane in the end so I feel a bit put off by all games with cover systems at the moment, which is a pity for Dark Sector which just arrived from Lovefilm. I’m not overly impressed by it so far but I think I’m just a bit bored of third person shooters for now. I might send it back soon and get it another time.
Played a bit more of Lego Indiana Jones, laziness is stopping me 1king it really. But I will get there soon enough.
I’ve plodded along with Football Manager 2008 as well.

I did receive NBA Ballers but it was so shocking, I sent it back the same day with no points. It’s ruined my completion percentage but it was pretty bad to begin with, and I’ve got a low tolerance of bad games.
Having said that, I will get on with X-Men. Despite realising I deleted my save file from last year 🙁

Oh and finally, I succumbed and bought games. It was a bad weekend so I went for 4 for £20 in Gamestation and acquired Tomb Raider Legend, Shadowrun, Superman Returns and Championship Manager 07. I used to own the first two so for £5 each they were worth it. Champ looks like it’s going to be a challenge and a half though!

Hopefully a more interesting update soon with a write up of what I think of the new games.

1 thought on “Weekly Roundup – Start of July

  1. NokkonWud

    What are you gonna call next weeks weekly update. “1st half of the half way point of July?” :p.

    Dark Sector isn’t too tricky to be fair and you can get all the SP achievements bar ‘Brutal difficulty’ on one play through, but as you say, if you’re bored of third-person shooters (which I guess I am too) then it’s no good.

    I want a new racing game if I’m being honest, a RalliSport Challenge 3 or so… perhaps we might get one announced soon, especially as Battlefield: Bad Company is finished now! It’s just a shame really that Grid was a little too repetitive and didn’t have enough about it – after PGR everything else seems a little boring as it changes it up with different challenges and interesting environments. Everything is a FPS or a Third-Person shooter, so it’s very annoying.

    I’ve just started The Godfather last night and whilst it looks terrible and the car handling is woeful, I’m enjoying it! It’s just as good as Grand Theft Auto in my opinion – and of course it has that awesome Godfather music in it :).

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