Weekly Roundup – End of June

Another week, and another 1255 points to add to the old gamerscore. Not a hugely productive week on the 360 despite the score increase.

The bulk of it came from The Spiderwick Chronicles which only took 10hrs or so to 1k. Plus I enjoyed it which is a bonus! Despite being a kid’s game, I found it not bad at all. For once, it didn’t suffer from dodgy collision detection (which so many kids games seem to) and there weren’t any infuriating bits that made you wonder how a child hadn’t destroyed their surroundings in frustration. Instead it was a pretty gentle game that had a few dull collection quests, but otherwise wasn’t bad at all. No masterpiece but there’s a hell of a lot worse ways to spend a couple of afternoons!

Other than that, the points were pretty picky this week. I played a little Prey despite not playing it since January. Only 55 points and admittedly I didn’t find it very endearing. Easy enough, just not overly fun. I’d sell it but it’d hardly make anything so not much point. I’ll get it done eventually.

Army of Two was one of my other rentals for the week. I rented it back in April but didn’t play it much at the time due to personal problems, so I thought I’d re-rent it and give it a second chance. Quite fun, very reminiscent of Gears of War with its cover system. I really need to find someone to play co-op with though, I reckon it’ll be a lot more fun then.

Thanks to the DRM changes, I managed to retrieve my free copy (courtesy of a Korean account) of Hexic 2 and within minutes got an achievement. I probably won’t play it much but it was the principle of it as I’d lost it since changing 360s at Christmas.

Finally, I finished Disc 3 of Lost Odyssey. Now to crack on with the many, many side quests and levelling up my characters. This may take a while!

I’ve got X-Men at the moment thanks to Creature sending me Nokkon’s copy. I hated it the first time round but I’m willing to give it another try to boost those measly 50pts I have for it at the moment.

As well as this, I have a copy of The Bourne Conspiracy winging its way to me \o/ A review copy for play.tm. I haven’t heard amazing things about it but it’s been a long time since I had a 360 game to review so I’m happy either way 🙂

Not a huge update this week. I’m tired and it’s been a long day/week/month/year. Next week will hopefully be more interesting. Probably less points but hopefully with a fair sized review of The Bourne Conspiracy 🙂

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  1. NokkonWud

    Glad you enjoyed Spiderwick Chronicles despite my doubts, if it’s not that bad I’ll probably rent it then, I do enjoy the simple nature of some of these games, as I’ve said before, I though Harry Potter was a great game which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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