I managed to gain 1821 points in the past week, not bad going considering it didn’t feel like an effort. Then again I don’t think I did much else for that week either! But thanks Beowulf, Football Manager 2008, Jericho, Lego Indiana Jones, Luxor 2, NBA 2k8, NBA Live 08 and Ninja Gaiden 2.

Out of those, Beowulf was the most abysmal (actually, the only abysmal one). So abysmal in fact that I only gained 30 points from it before sending it back to LoveFilm. I love gaining points but not to the point that I will put myself through such terrible games. The control system felt daft, the song segment was irritating and most importantly of all, it kept going buggy not long into Chapter 1 so that I got stuck walking through a boat while being able to do anything else. Sure, if that didn’t happen to me, maybe I’d have kept playing and it would have drastically improved. But I decided life was too short and basically couldn’t be bothered to see if the bug would magically fix itself and gave up. Who knows why it did it…..but who cares!

Football Manager 2008 is my perennial game in my slow but determined attempt to 1k it. It’s more time consuming than anything. I’ve got a very good team formed that hardly loses a game, if ever, but I’m just starting my 4th Season of 10 and it’s already taken me around 36hrs. It’ll be nice to have the full 1k though, especially as not too many people have it. Maybe I’ll go back to working on Football Manager 2006 then. For only £15, Football Manager 2008 was a terrific bargain for me.

Jericho was a pleasant surprise. I bought it in March sometime, played it briefly then confined it to the pile for some reason without returning to it. After another brief spurt of play in April, I finally went back to it this past week and greatly enjoyed it. On hard (many of the achievements require playing it on hard), it’s still not much of a challenge especially if you use the cheats. The cheats are a little awkward to track down as they all seem to be ‘uniquely’ locked to the code that comes with the game but they’re worth it. It makes the game maybe a little too easy but I fancied a relaxing game. The story isn’t bad at all and the squad element, all with different abilities, while nothing new, is fun. The weapon achievements are a little tedious though.

Lego Indiana Jones, as always, is just plain fun. Much more fun than Lego Star Wars if you ask me but I’ve always preferred Indiana Jones. I need to finish up the achievements sometime, but collecting all the artifacts is a bit dull. What is it with so many games having collection achievements? 🙁 They’re so dull half the time.

Luxor 2, I played solely to make my gamerscore either ending in 0 or 5 most of the time, sad I know 😛 It is a good game though. I got it free when I bought an Arcade after my Premium died at Christmas.

The two NBAs were quite fun to compare. I much preferred NBA2k8, it was easier for achievements, but it also felt more fluid and the dunks felt more impressive. I think NBA2k8 was much more arcadey and I always prefer the NBA Jam style game than an attempt at a sim, not that NBA Live was a good attempt at a sim, being far too arcadey in nature (albeit not so much as 2K8….confused yet?). I didn’t 1k either of them. Bit of laziness involved there, plus NBA2k8 would have involved online boosting and I wasn’t in the mood. If I get desperate, I’ll rent them again, but there’s still so many games I’d rather play!

Ninja Gaiden 2 feels very polished and smooth…..yet with that added bite that reminds you it can be brutal. I wasn’t really struggling on Acolyte until I reached the Chapter 2 boss, I got wiped out fast. I haven’t returned yet but I will do soon, I know what I need to do to defeat it. I like taking my time with it anyhow, as I’m sure I’ll get to a point very soon where I’m solidly stuck.

I’ve also been playing Lost Odyssey but the points come slowly with that so it’s definitely for fun. I’m in the middle of Disc 3 at the moment and it’s slightly lost my interest. I’m not sure why, hopefully it’ll grab me again soon. I think it definitely will come Disc 4 as there’s so many sidequests that open up then.

I keep having mild urges to return to World of Warcraft for a bit, which is daft. I’m perfectly happy with the games I’m playing, and I can’t afford WoW really anyhow. And as if by magic, Paramount Comedy, that I’m watching in the background while typing this, keeps advertising it. Mainly with Mr T but suddenly Mini Me has shown up. The advert is just plain weird. So I’ll end this roundup on that strange note!

Weekly Roundup
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