Weekly Achievement Update #8 (and a bit)

Bit of a late update this week as I was busy, well I say busy, I was enjoying my new car and couldn’t be bothered to update!
It’s been a mixed week and a bit for gaming with 1615 and nearly breaking the 29k margin.

I rented Top Spin 2 which is ok, not really my kind of thing but I’ve made 375pts out of it so far and I’m doing the online achievements soon with Nokkon so that’ll be another 275.
I rented NBA Live 07 too but I hate it, only keeping it as hopefully there’s another 1000 players online attempt this weekend so I want to get those 100pts easily.
I finished off Eragon and sent it back, nice and simple points there although I didn’t complete the last level (Laziness really).
I also bought a small selection of arcade games as some good ones have come out this past week. Namely Streets of Rage 2, Puzzle Fighter 2 and Zuma (It was reduced in price for a couple of days), all extremely good games and SoR2 in particular brings back very fond memories.

I’ve got a copy of NBA 2k7 from Swapgame now so that’s going to be played through quickly, hopefully I’ll hit 29k later on today. My motivation is a little low this week for some reason and I need to crack on as I start work next week.
I’m also now completely reliant on rentals as I’m completely broke due to the new car until the end of October which is rather annoying, at least it’s my birthday in between so hopefully get a couple of games then!

Anyway, apologises for the hardly fascinating update, hopefully a more interesting post later in the week as I’ve got some ideas rolling round my head.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Achievement Update #8 (and a bit)

  1. NokkonWud

    Wow you’re really catching up with me now! Frightning how quickly you’re gaining points!

    NBA 2K7 is very easy (bar 3 achievements) with 2 controllers, so I would do it that way.

    As for NBA Live 2007, please remember to try and sign in as me to get it :D.

  2. Darren/Kainz Uk

    I heard that NBA has some awful AI, so I’ll avoid that methinks.
    Top Spin is great! Keep at it, its brilliant online if you can actually find anyone. I sadly sold mine after wringing the most achievements I could out of it. I regret that :/

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