Weekly Achievement Update #7

Another week, another milestone or two. I hit the 26k and 27k mark this week.

This was primarily due to Phantasy Star Universe which I 1ked in the week, it wasn’t actually too bad either. It got tedious in places but I think that was because I rushed through it too much. It did have two key failings though. Someone needs to tell the developers that throwing hundreds of enemies at the player does NOT constitute interesting level design. It just gets extremely boring! Also a 360 game that displays graphics as PS2 like as PSU should NOT stutter and suffer graphical lag as badly as this game does. You could tell it was a rushed PS2 port.
Still I’ve played worse and it did have a certain charm to it. If I’d bought it for £10 I wouldn’t have been disappointed so £3 for a week’s rental was fine by me.

The other very helpful game for points was NBA Live 07, you can always trust in EA to create a sports game with simple achievements. If anyone bothered to play it online still, it’d be an easy 1k but for now I have 390 points, a fair few more single player ones to gain and then I’ve got to see if I can find someone to trade online achievements with me which is somewhat doubtful now I think.

Finally, the creme de la creme of my gaming week, Bioshock. I haven’t actually got that far into it yet, partly due to time constraints and partly because it gives me the creeps in places. But also I think it’s because in a way I don’t want to rush the experience, I’m enjoying it too much to want to power through it in a weekend. I can sense this is a game that once fully played through, that’s it, it won’t have huge replay value so I want to enjoy it while it’s new, fresh and exciting.

At the moment, I’m playing through a season of Football Manager 2006, I’m hoping to get the Undefeated Season achievement and the Continental Cup win achievement accounting for 200pts and getting me a lot closer to 1king this game. Although a fair amount of people have got 1k in it, I’d quite like to achieve it as it’d be one of my rare 1ks that was actually a challenge to get.

For my 1.5k points for the week I think I’m mainly going to use Eragon (Still got 700pts to go on that) and then I’ll use a mixture of games to glean as many points as possible, most likely NBA Live 07 , Bioshock (Although there’s no way I’m rushing it to get points, it’ll just be a nice addition), finish off Madden NFL 07 hopefully; as well as maybe a bit of Gun which I haven’t touched yet, and I’ve also rented Samurai Warriors 2 for the week but I’ve heard that takes a LOT of playing to get many points.

In other news, I might be getting a new car very, very soon, which is good……but also a considerable strain on my finances at the moment, meh!

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