Weekly Achievement Update #5 and #6

I was on holiday last week with friends in Chester hence the lack of update.
I’ve also decided that sorting out individual achievement pictures is a pain in the arse when you’re aiming for 1.5k points every week, it takes up far too much of my time and I’m not doing it anymore as I’m sure no one bothers looking at the pretty pictures anyhow 😛

However, since my last update I’ve managed to achieve *drumroll* 2350 points which for some reason sounds like less than I expected so I’m now trying to work out my figures but never mind!

These points were made over the course of about 5 full days as I was away so long.
They came from:
950 points from Surf’s Up
445 points from Football Manager 2006
325 from Fuzion Frenzy 2 (Thank you Nokkon!)
310 points from Shrek The Third
300 points from Eragon
15 points from Spyglass Board Games (Which I won otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered with buying the game)
5 points from Boom Boom Rocket

I’m most likely sending Shrek The Third back now as I’ve exhausted the incredibly easy points and I’d rather a different game to get points from now. Eragon I’ll finish off before it goes anywhere as it’s hardly difficult.
I’ve also rented Phantasy Star Universe so I’ll crack on with that.

So I think my main targets for between now and next Sunday when the league week ends are: Phantasy Star Universe and Eragon. That’ll make me over 1.5k so I’ll probably have to wait till Sunday evening to finish off the final 200 points for Eragon.

My own personal target now is to hit 30k, I’ve got a slight lead on Davey_Pitch and I’m hoping he’ll pull it back so I have some competition, but if not, I’d like to hit 30k soon! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Weekly Achievement Update #5 and #6

  1. DaveyPitch

    Hehehe, I expect to have that lead back soon, though it may well all depend on how much Bioshock takes over my life, and whether I can drag myself away to scorewhore 😀

  2. NokkonWud

    It was my pleasure :p
    I need to do a months worth of updates. Really must get my site sorted! Bloody constant PC problems!

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