Weekly Achievement Update #4

Another week, another update. And this one’s rather hefty.

Boom Boom Rocket
Gamerscore: 55/200
Points This Week: 55
Unlocks This Week: 6 achievements
Unlocked: 6 of 12
Bonus Schmonus [5g] Johnny 3 Fingers [5g] Pyro [10g] The Easy A [10g] The C Student [15g]
Curtain Call [10g]

Football Manager 2006
Gamerscore: 86/1000
Points This Week: 65
Unlocks This Week: 4 achievements
Unlocked: 9 of 50
Qualify For World Cup [40g] 10 Matches Without Losing [10g] 5 clean sheets in a row [10g] Goal Of The Month [5g]

Fuzion Frenzy
Gamerscore: 675/1000
Points This Week: 675
Unlocks This Week: 10 achievements
Unlocked: 10 of 14
Custom Master [50g] Fuzion Frenzy Rookie [25g] Dub Master [50g] Samson Master [50g] Geena Master [50g]
Zak Master [50g] Naomi Master [50g] Jet Master [50g] Mini Game Collector [150g] Fuzion Frenzy Master [150g]

Madden NFL 07
Gamerscore: 790/1000
Points This Week: 790
Unlocks This Week: 31 achievements
Unlocked: 31 of 46
Game Record - Interceptions [10g]Madden Gamer Level 2 [10g]Season Record - Rush Yards [20g]Super Bowl Win [30g]Madden Gamer Level 10 [20g]
Game Record - Rushing Yards [10g]Season Record - Pass TD [20g]Game Record - Receiving Yards [10g]Game Record - Pass Touchdowns [10g]Game Record - Receiving TD's [10g]
Madden Gamer Level 20 [40g]Game Record - Pass Yards [10g]Season Record - Receiving Yards [20g]Madden Gamer Level 30 [70g]Mini-Games [5g]
Season Record - Pass TD [20g]Season Record - Rush Touchdowns [20g]Perfect Season [30g]Season Record - Pass Yards [20g]Season Record - INT's [20g]
Madden Gamer Level 40 [85g]Madden Gamer Level 50 [100g]30 Years of Franchise [100g]SS Season - 10 Receiving TDs [10g]Create-A-Player [5g]
SS Career - 60 Receiving TDs [20g]SS Season - 1400 Rush Yards [10g]SS Career - 10000 Rush Yards [20g]Live Opponent [5g]SS Career - 500 Tackles [20g]
Game Record - Rush TD's [10g]

Shrek The Third
Gamerscore: 510/1000
Points This Week: 110
Unlocks This Week: 2 achievements
Unlocked: 12 of 22
Art Collector [50g] Hail To The King! [60g]

So no less than 1660 points since last Monday! Not bad going 🙂
The league runs Sunday to Sunday so I got 1500 in that time. Currently I’m just leaving my 360 on overnight simming some seasons of Football Manager 2006 for some easy points while I sleep. I’ve got a busy week ahead with job interviews and then on holiday (Luckily for only part of the end of the league week and part of the beginning of the next) so I need all the points I can get in my spare time as I’m determined to reach the 1500 point cap again! Hopefully I’ll manage to get Fuzion Frenzy 2 finished off soon, main problem is finding someone to play it online.
I might work a bit more on Madden too although I think I’ve exhausted the main easy points. As they’re not mine though, I’d like to be able to give Davey something back at the weekend.

I’ve got Shrek 3 to finish off (Which is pissing me off) and Eragon to get working on too. It’s more down to finding the time this week I think!
Unfortunately I’ve had to sub both of my team mates which is a great shame 🙁 I must smell I think, keep scaring my teammates off 😛

Ha, just as I click to post this entry, another achievement unlocks in FM2006! Ah well, it’s missed the cut off date, it’ll just have to be the first achievement for the coming week! Definitely be hitting 24k this week 🙂

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  1. NokkonWud

    Nice to see all is going to plan. I’m having PC problems at the moment so I am trying desperately to sort that first. Give me a shout for when you want help on FF2.

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