Weekly Achievement Update #3

This would have been a very short update as I didn’t game much last week due to the impending Gamerscore League starting at the weekend, and then I was away at the weekend.
But luckily I made up for plenty of lost time today 😉

Shrek The Third
Gamerscore: 400/1000
Points This Week: 400
Unlocks This Week: 10 achievements
Unlocked: 10 of 22
Novice Collector [30g] Super Ogre [30g] Questing Rookie [40g] For The Fridge [30g] Super Ogre Power Extreme [60g]
The Finisher [50g] Ogre Smash! [30g] Amateur Collector [40g] Upstart Artist [40g] Questing Fiend [50g]

Texas Hold’em
Gamerscore: 80/200
Points This Week: 60
Unlocks This Week: 3 achievements
Unlocked: 5 of 12
Gutsy Move [15g] Lucky Day Or Crafty Bluffer? [25g] Winning Streak [20g]

So 460pts in a day which wasn’t bad going. If it hadn’t been for today I’d have been on a big fat 0 this week! But as it stands I’ve made roughly 1/3 of my target for the week in one day. My target being 1500pts a week. I’ve got till the weekend to make up the other 1040pts, should be simple enough with finishing off Shrek 3 tomorrow, as well as my small pile of games to work on.
I’ve borrowed Madden 07, Fusion Frenzy 2, Gun and Amped 3 from DaveyPitch while his 360 is out of action. I’ve also got Eragon on the way from swapgame.
I had a good weekend away, perfect for relaxing, but I do wish I could go back to it as I’m feeling stressed about stuff again. The future of all things, always an easy one to solve while tired! Heh. Never mind.

1 thought on “Weekly Achievement Update #3

  1. Kitten

    hey, the weekend might not still be here but I am!! You know where I am if you get stressed hon *hugs*

    And there’s all that Boom Boom Rocket to perfect too!! \o/

    Remember ‘nurrrr nurrrr nurr nurr nur nurrrrrrrrrrr’ 😉

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