This would have been a very short update as I didn’t game much last week due to the impending Gamerscore League starting at the weekend, and then I was away at the weekend.
But luckily I made up for plenty of lost time today 😉

Shrek The Third
Gamerscore: 400/1000
Points This Week: 400
Unlocks This Week: 10 achievements
Unlocked: 10 of 22
Novice Collector [30g] Super Ogre [30g] Questing Rookie [40g] For The Fridge [30g] Super Ogre Power Extreme [60g]
The Finisher [50g] Ogre Smash! [30g] Amateur Collector [40g] Upstart Artist [40g] Questing Fiend [50g]

Texas Hold’em
Gamerscore: 80/200
Points This Week: 60
Unlocks This Week: 3 achievements
Unlocked: 5 of 12
Gutsy Move [15g] Lucky Day Or Crafty Bluffer? [25g] Winning Streak [20g]

So 460pts in a day which wasn’t bad going. If it hadn’t been for today I’d have been on a big fat 0 this week! But as it stands I’ve made roughly 1/3 of my target for the week in one day. My target being 1500pts a week. I’ve got till the weekend to make up the other 1040pts, should be simple enough with finishing off Shrek 3 tomorrow, as well as my small pile of games to work on.
I’ve borrowed Madden 07, Fusion Frenzy 2, Gun and Amped 3 from DaveyPitch while his 360 is out of action. I’ve also got Eragon on the way from swapgame.
I had a good weekend away, perfect for relaxing, but I do wish I could go back to it as I’m feeling stressed about stuff again. The future of all things, always an easy one to solve while tired! Heh. Never mind.

Weekly Achievement Update #3