Weekly Achievement Update #2

A short update this week. Which will be explained shortly.

Football Manager 2007
Gamerscore: 324/1000
Points This Week: 75
Unlocks This Week: 1 achievement
Unlocked: 20 of 50
Good Knowledge [75g]

Sonic The Hedgehog XBL
Gamerscore: 45/200
Points This Week: 20
Unlocks This Week: 3 achievements
Unlocked: 6 of 12
Spring Yard Zone [7g] Labyrinth Zone [8g] Star Light Zone [5g]

And that’s all for one week. I spent the first half of the week battling my conscience due to hating my job enough that I decided to hand my notice in Friday morning. Then I ended up with a stinking cold all weekend which meant I had no interest in gaming at all. My notice was effective immediately so there’s one bonus.
I’ve signed up with x360a.org‘s Gamerscore League. By some weird matter of luck I’ve been appointed captain of a team! The teams are in the middle of the draft now so I’m picking my selection from the people on the site who signed up for it. I need to come up with a team name very soon too.
Due to this, and the fact it starts this Friday, I’m holding back my copy of Shrek 3 until then as it’ll be a good start to the league.
I’m away this weekend though but should be able to get the game nailed Monday.

Also got to do the round of agencies once I’m healthy again too.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Achievement Update #2

  1. NokkonWud

    Wow, looks like your weekly gamerscore will be as spectacular as mine. I have managed 2 FM2006 achievements in around 24 hours of gametime over 3 days… woo…ish.

    I’d have liked to have signed up for the league, unfortunately, whoever recruits people with modded Xbox’s who have access to easy 1k games that they haven’t played already will win. It’s a nice idea with a massive flaw.

  2. suarvvve

    Don’t know how you managed to avoid going through sonic in more than one sitting. Its one of those games you just sit down and complete in one go 😉

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