Weekly Achievement Update #11 and #12

Oops, didn’t update. I started a new job on the 10th and I’ve been very busy with that so I’ve just not got round to this.
I’ve also not gamed a huge deal (Well for me), certainly not this past week.
Since the 10th, I’ve achieved a rather paltry total of 885 points thanks to Zuma, DiRT and Sonic 2.
Not a lot really for me, 840 of those points were from DiRT alone.
RIP Colin McRae and his son Johnny who died last weekend. Terrible waste.

So anyway, not a whole lot of gaming. I’m trying to get back into it but work’s quite hard going at the moment so I’m coming in tired with no motivation so I just watch TV instead.
For anyone who cares, my new job is a telephone banking advisor job in a Lloyds TSB call centre. Phone monkey basically but there seems to be a lot more to it than expected, and I’m learning a hell of a lot about banking already. It seems to be going quite well and I think I’m fitting in well, the training group I’m with all seem nice, and seem to think I’m laid back and confident which is exactly what I want to project at work. I think my trainer’s caught on that I’m ambitious too which is handy.
I’ve also finally got round to registering for my dissertation (Yes Nokkon you can stop nagging me about it now :p) so that’ll keep me busy!

My birthday’s in a couple of weeks so i’m hoping for either Condemned, The Darkness or Blue Dragon. Hopefully some money too from relatives who don’t know what to get me, so hopefully I’ll manage 2 games overall in that period. Should re-vitalise my gaming urges.
I have got an extremely strong urge to play Final Fantasy VII though!!

1 thought on “Weekly Achievement Update #11 and #12

  1. suarvvve

    Congrats on the new job, but don’t make the mistake I made when i graduated and jump into the first job you see – in my case a call center too. If your a graduate you should be aiming higher imo.

    BTW: last night i played my 360 for the first time in 60 odd days!

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