Weekly Achievement Update #10

I’d say it’s been a slow week but the last update was only 5 days ago so but 1415 in that time is pretty good really!

It was mainly accomplished through playing the online games needed for the Top Spin 2 achievements, playing a bit of NBA 2k7 and playing lots of Bioshock.
Unfortunately I’ve completed Bioshock now 🙁
That game truly was a sight to behold, reminded me just how great an experience a good game can be.

It’s left quite a gap now as the only games I seem to have are for quick points, nothing with a truly deep storyline. I don’t think I’ll have a 360 game like that until my birthday in October now which sucks 🙁 Wish I had the money to go out and rectify that!
Suppose I could load up the PS2 and play FF10 or FF12, it’s very tempting, maybe not as engrossing a story as Bioshock, but still something!

God knows where the points are coming from this week, I have GUN to start and some points from NBA 2k7 to gain, but I’ve also started my new job which has reduced my time available to do a lot. I’m sure I’ll figure something out though.

Oh yeah, notice the score? Hit 30k! I’m happy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Weekly Achievement Update #10

  1. NokkonWud

    Sorry to hear you’ve completed Bioshock. I was just as gutted tbh :(.

    Just bought Stranglehold today, but Creature has my account on his 360 to complete X-Men as I refuse to play it. I’m gonna do Gears of War for him though :).

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