Weekly Achievement Update #1

Idea as stolen from NokkonWud. It seemed like a good idea to me and something to do if nothing else!
I’ve been gaming away quite a bit this last week when I can. Wanted to get over the withdrawal symptoms of no 360 while in Leeds 😉

Football Manager 2007
Gamerscore: 249/1000
Points This Week: 135
Unlocks This Week: 6 achievements
Unlocked: 19 of 50

Most Goals in League [15g] 10 Consecutive Clean Sheets 10g Win a Continental Cup [20g]
Do The Double [20g] Undefeated Season [50g] Least Goals Conceded in League [15g]

Guitar Hero 2
Gamerscore: 170/1000
Points This Week: 30
Unlocks This Week: 1 achievement
Unlocked: 15 of 50

Perfectionist Award [30g]

Golden Axe
Gamerscore: 105/200
Points This Week: 105
Unlocks This Week: 8 achievements
Unlocked: 8 of 12

Cockatrice [5g] Potion [15g] Turtle Village [15g] Barbarian Magic [10g]
Win [35g] Dwarf Magic [10g] Omni Character [10g] Amazon Magic [10g]

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Gamerscore: 850/1000
Points This Week: 750
Unlocks This Week: 25 achievements
Unlocked: 29 of 30

Seven Nautilus Shells [25g] Will's Third Move [25g] Seven Pirate Flags [25g] Elizabeth's Second Move [25g] Seven Paprika Tins [25g]
Elizabeth's Third Move [25g] Will's Fourth Move [25g] Kraken Treasure [25g] Seven Bottles of Rum [25g] Jack's Third Move [25g]
Seven Sea Charts [25g] Elizabeth's Fourth Move [25g] Davy Jones' Locker Treasure [25g] Seven Skulls [25g] Jack's Fourth Move [25g]

Seven Tarot Cards [25g] Seven Gold Bars [25g] Shipwreck City Treasure [25g] Port Royal Treasure [25g] Eleven Calypso Pieces [150g]
Seven Pirates' Dice [25g] Prison Fortress Treasure [25g] Tortuga Treasure [25g] Isla Cruces Treasure [25g] The Maelstrom Treasure [25g]

Sonic the Hedgehog
Gamerscore: 25/200
Points This Week: 25
Unlocks This Week: 3 achievements
Unlocked: 3 of 12

Centurion [10g] Clear Green [5g] Fast Green [10g]

So not a bad week at all. I’ve been busy with other things but as POTC was so simple it’s given me a huge boost. I should get it 1ked within the next day or so, it’s just the last part is a bit tedious so I didn’t bother really going for it on Saturday and I worked Sunday.
I finally broke the 21k barrier, thanks to the Perfectionist Award in GH2 which I was rather proud of, purely because I’m really not very good at GH2. The song I got 100% on was Woman, good fun track to play.
This week i’m not sure what I’m playing, need to finish off POTC and send it back, also sending back X-Men in total disgust at how shocking it really is. This leaves me with Football Manager 2007 to keep working on, Guitar Hero 2 (My finger WILL work correctly on medium difficulty damnit!), Just Cause and Shadowrun which I haven’t touched in a while. So nothing hard but no really easy fast 1ks either.

I’m applying for new jobs again too and going round agencies so that’s going to take up time, my current job, despite only being 3 days in, really isn’t for me. I don’t think sales is anymore, and especially not working weekends. Anyway, tune in next week to see if I managed to get 22k 😛

3 thoughts on “Weekly Achievement Update #1

  1. NokkonWud

    Very nice update, familiar little layout too 😉
    Nice to see you get so many points in a week, I’ve come bloody close to 1,000 but not managed it yet (well, not since I started posting updates ;)).

    Sorry to hear about your new job, after 3 days and it sucks isn’t a good sign. I am really gonna have to start building my portfolio, I’m gonna target the modelling of 100 environmental assets which should be fun, especially texturing, should be a different thing for companies to see rather than cars or buildings (of which I can provide if wanted anyway).

    Hopefully you get more comments for this achievement update than I did for my last one (you already have :P), which is odd, mine went from several comments to 0, but meh, I’ll still keep posting them, as you say, not a lot else to do.

    I’ve also just posted a rant :x.

    Good look finishing those games, I hope to finish DiRT and The Darkness off completely in the very near future. :).

  2. McDan1el

    Stolen from NokkonWud….

    Cough Cough!!!

    Mine are just daily rather then weekly! Still well done

  3. suarvvve

    what you applying for? Personally I don’t have people manage to work in a sales environment. So much pressure all the time! 🙂

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