Point increase since 28th July: 303
For once, I’m actually updating on the right day. Makes a change, eh?
It’s been a poor week for points. I’ve not been in the mood at all, preferring to play games entirely for fun (not that pointscoring isn’t fun of course). So write off Streets of Rage 2 as that. It’s always been a game I play for a laugh and to regress back to the first time I played it when I must have only been 10 or so.
I did my regular grind of a few more FM2008 games and a bit more levelling up on Lost Odyssey, eventually the points will come flooding in for those two…honest.
Also had a fun game of CoD4 multiplayer with a few friends from a forum I frequent, good fun, although I’m terrible at it now :/ So out of practice, it’s ridiculous.

Boosted a couple of games partly for my benefit but mostly at the request of friends. First up was Yaris, a truly awful game, even if it is free. But a friend wanted to get 10 points from it so he hit 25k on the dot, after doing that multiplayer game, I played for 5mins and got another 10 points. Evil game though, so embarrassingly bad.
As well as that, I boosted for the online achievements for Football Manager 2007 with Nokkon and gained 36 points. Suppose I’d better do the single player achievements…meh :p

I’m renting Two Worlds and Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures at the moment, both of which are pretty dire. I’m only on 40/1000 for Cabela’s but that’s getting sent back tomorrow I think, it’s crap.
Two Worlds: I’ll try to keep going with, but it’s not really very appealing. It’s still very buggy even after being patched.

So we come to my two current favourites of the week. Civilization Revolution (again) and Viking. 105 points from Civ and I’m still enjoying it loads, the harder achievements are to come but I’m a big fan of the series so hopefully it won’t take long.
Viking I bought today (with the £20 as previously mentioned), only 82pts so far from an hour or two this afternoon, but I really like it. It’s pretty simple so far, a basic RPG mixed with hack n slash but it’s good fun. Shouldn’t be too hard for points either. Nice, mindless distraction.

I also bought The Bourne Supremacy on DVD for £1.99 and ordered The Bourne Identity for £2.50, yeah I thought I’d give it another chance. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed, or else I’m coming after you Nokkon :p

Finally, I’m working on another piece for play.tm: a preview of the new World of Warcraft expansion pack, Wrath of the Lich King. So far, it’s looking very promising! Really pleased to be doing it too, gives me an excuse to go back to it. Although currently I’m only playing as a Death Knight, not anything else.

Update on time for once
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