Uno achievement

I’ve been ill all weekend so not been gaming much.
However, I did find the time to have a nice relaxing afternoon playing Uno and acquiring the final achievement to master the game. 😀

UNO Shark
Win ten 4-player games of UNO®, in any mode, on Xbox Live.

The games I won were all ranked games. Thanks to a nice bug in the achievement it took me 16 games to actually get. The problem is, if a player quits out of the game half way through it’s not counted if it’s 3 humans and 1 computer opponent. This happened a few times which was very frustrating!
Personally I never quit a game, even if I know I’m going to lose badly. Just seems unfair to quit out halfway through.

Anyway, it was good fun. I’m sure I’ll play Uno again even if I’ve got all the achievements now. It’s good for a nice relaxing play.

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  1. R

    Thanks, I thought it was a bug…I have 14 wins now and I was wondering if i was doing something wrong. Happy gaming!

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