Traffic for the site

Hmm interesting. Just had a dig through the stats to see how people are finding this site.
It seems if you type into Google: +valve +source +engine +architecture I come up 3rd with my Games Engine essay! Not bad going at all.

Plus my essay on war comes up on the second page of MSN Live search if you type some fairly common words for an essay title. 🙂

Perhaps most intriguingly someone found me by typing on Google ‘Propp Final Fantasy’ and finding my Essay on Propp Theory connected with Final Fantasy VII. Didn’t realise others might be writing something similar! It probably helps that mine doesn’t require logging into view, unlike many that come up on the same search. Although I’m not sure if I’d quite be worth quoting anywhere just yet. 😉

Seem to show up on a fair few RSS readers so I’m happy! It’s nice to have such good traffic when I’ve barely even started yet.

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