The Pile of Shame (2012 edition)

A new year frequently brings with it reassessment of all manners of things. In this case, it’s the gaming pile of shame. It’s grown rather hefty and that’s just thanks to the last few months of gaming releases. So I’ve decided to avoid purchasing anything new till at least February, if not March. I say this tentatively due to the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 but I could sorely do with cutting back and waiting for an inevitable price drop!

Here’s the list of what’s there to keep me busy till then. Bear in mind, it’s not a comprehensive list. It’s solely purchases since around August/September, rather than the full complement of 20+ years gaming.

Super Mario 3D Land
Despite owning a 3DS since launch day, it’s never really grabbed me as much as it should have (even after buying Ocarina of Time!). Things have partially changed thanks to Super Mario 3D Land (and Tetris). I’m about halfway through it so far and greatly enjoying it. Old school Mario with a hint of 3D is ideal for me as I’ve never really been gripped by the likes of either Mario Galaxys. Shouldn’t take me too long to complete though considering how fast I’m progressing so far!

Demon’s Souls
I really need to give this a shot. Now that the PS3 is solely mine again (it was being used as a Blu-ray player previously), this is a good time to try Demon’s Souls. My lack of patience and gaming ability will probably stop me progressing far though but I’m keen to have experienced some of it!

inFamous 2
It was £7 so I couldn’t resist even though I didn’t get on with inFamous 1 hugely well, preferring Prototype. No idea how long this will take me and I reckon it’ll probably be further down the pile of games.

Need for Speed: The Run
I was given this and being given presents is always nice! Not sure I’ll really play it though considering the pretty dire reviews. At least if I do, it won’t take me long!

Uncharted 3
I’m about halfway through this. I MUST finish it. Loved the first two but this one has really struggled to grip me which is so disappointing. I will finish it though, then I’ll know I’ve given it the best shot possible to hook me.

Metroid: Other M
I’ve heard hugely mixed things about this. As it only cost me £5, I was intrigued to have my own opinion. Any ideas how long it will take to complete?

Xenoblade Chronicles
I know this one is going to be a beast to complete! I’m only about 20 hours in but adore it. This is going to be a long term project but I’m very keen.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations
I’ve practically finished the main storyline already but I intend on gaining some more achievements and generally messing around. I prefer Brotherhood and AC2 but this is still a solid enough entry in the franchise. This one is certain to be first off my To Play list.

Batman: Arkham City
I suspect I’m only about an hour or two away from completing this. It’s not gripped me like Asylum did before it though so it’s taken me a while to get this far. Much like Uncharted 3, I want to finish it so I can form a solid opinion.

Battlefield 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

These two are very similar. I’ve finished the single player campaigns (MW3 is much better than BF3’s!) and dabbled in the multiplayer sections but I want to play more. Plus I want to check out the co-op modes if I can. These two can’t really be completed but I want to get a lot more time with them!

Driver: San Francisco
This was a pleasant surprise for me upon its initial release. I played it for a few days after renting it then Nokkon lent it to me before trading it in. Fortunately, he then bought me it for Christmas so I can get on with completing the single player. Yay! Reckon it’ll take me about 10 hours to complete considering my limited skills at driving games.

I got this for my birthday in October and loved it. Time and work got in the way though and I want to return to it, gain a few more achievements and generally improve my skills. It’s not one that I can complete but I do want to enjoy it more.

Forza Motorsport 4
I’m about halfway through Forza 4. I want to finish it basically! No idea how long it’ll take. Probably quite a while.

Gears of War 3
I’ve finished the single player campaign but I want to play more multiplayer and hopefully some co-op too. I’ve loved every minute of it so far.

Green Lantern
Easy one to clear off the pile: Finish it. I’m not expecting anything amazing but I have a soft spot for film tie ins and it was cheap. I doubt it’s long or difficult to finish.

Halo Anniversary

Halo Reach

Complete these two either alone or with a friend, plus play more of the multiplayer. Simple!

The last game I purchased in December. Thanks to the Gamestation sale and reward points, it only cost me £3.71 and should arrive tomorrow. I’ve heard it’s pretty long.

Sims 3 Pets
My guilty pleasure. Love The Sims. Loved The Sims 3 on the 360 and gained all the achievements for it. That’s exactly what I aim to do with this one. It might take a while but I’ll no doubt love it!

That lot should keep me busy for a while. There’s always others like LittleBigPlanet 2 and numerous others if I somehow clear this pile fast!

2 thoughts on “The Pile of Shame (2012 edition)

  1. NokkonWud

    Rage isn’t too long to be honest, it’s a solid 10-12 hours, more if you want the achievements, but it’s really not bad at all… except for the multiplayer racing, but I can help you get those :).

  2. Evrim

    I never found TF2 to be atnhying more than that very same mechanical exercise. Much better than the CoD breed, but I haven’t really found any reason to play it after the first few months. Public servers are filled with cancer anyway.Also, way too many hats and unlocks nowadays. Way to serve the kids who need a reward every time they do something, even if it’s just plain failing.

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