Still alive

Just a quick drop by here to make sure no one thinks I’ve forgotten about this place!
Life’s rather hectic with an exam next week and my imminent return to ‘Sunny’ Swansea so not had much chance to settle to any writing.
It should mean a hefty update soon though with a few articles and maybe a few reviews too!

Besides the exam revision, I’ve mainly been playing Gears of War co-op with my good friend LeoWyatt (Nearly completed it on hardcore, just need to arrange a time to finish off Act 5 then we’ll start on insane 🙂 ), Meet The Robinsons and Lego Star Wars 2: Neither of which am I particularly keen on 🙁 But I’ll discuss that later.
I’ve also been writing some reviews for which will hopefully be on their site shortly. 🙂

So yeah, see you on the other side 😉

6 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. Creech

    Re Lego Star Wars II, it took me about 5-6 hours of playing before I really got into it. Once I had gone through each episode once and started on the free play, it was much more fun. I strongly recommend saving all your money to buy the x2 multiplier early, also.

    For extra fun, remember that you can turn on a second controller and have a friend join.

  2. NokkonWud

    Nice to see you are still alive. I’ve gone through a large section of ‘death’ myself, however I’m back now. Been too busy with Uni work to update mine and also to read other peoples.

    Now I am back I expect to see more! :).

    What forums are you posting on these days?

  3. NokkonWud

    What’s that whole “Bronze Subscriber” all about on You’re only 1 of 4 to have it?

  4. xdigitalangelx

    You know the thing that really kills me about Meet the Robinsons? You can’t jump unless you are by a ledge… I feel so confined… sigh. Oh and feel free to hit up my blog too… I really like the way you do yours… Guess I’m not the only one!

  5. Haly

    Harsh Nokkon harsh :p
    This *should* get an update when I’ve finished decorating so sometime mid week.

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