Over the weeks I’ve been reading various people’s musings on escapism and gaming. They’ve all been distinctly powerful pieces and really resonated with me. It’s also made me realise how in many people’s cases, gaming really can be more pivotal than simply being something to do when one feels like passing time. Sure it’s not always emotionally fraught and vital to living but I guess it reminds me just how little the mainstream press seem to ‘get’ gaming. It can be so much more involved than so many people seem to let on. I reckon a lot of my non gaming friends would be quite stunned at the importance at times and how much it can affect people.

Not really sure what the purpose of this entry is, but I guess if nothing else it’s to highlight some stunningly good writing from the likes of Daniel Lipscombe, Sinan Kubba, Christos Reid and Sam Giddings which seems like an excellent reason to me!

I do fully intend on contributing something myself to the issue although I do feel a teensy bit like it’s bandwagon jumping after seeing such great writing but at least it’ll be cathartic!

Some talented writing on Escapism through games