Rotten Tomato

I think I might have jinxed myself in my last post by saying I’d be more optimistic now after a run of bad luck….
So after a family death and me staying at home instead of going back to Uni so I can stay till after the funeral, I’m ploughing through essays.

The essay on Communities will be uploaded soon, promise!

And re the comments. Yeah I got lazy and didn’t finish up NHL2k6 or Bioncle Heroes. I wasn’t overly keen on either so I just wanted to get rid! Of course NHL2k6 then had to get lost, but I got TMNT a few days ago so that was good 🙂 Completed it extremely quickly but it was good fun. Only really worth it if you’re a die hard TMNT fan though I think, otherwise it’s just a very basic Prince of Persia for kids.
I’ll re-rent Bioncle Heroes sometime to finish it up, and maybe NHL2k6. Not sure how flexible my feet are 😛
I’ve got Cars on the way next at least, actually really want to play it 😀 Sure it’s a kids game but hoping it’s fun too. My little cousin would love it as he’s a huge Cars fan but doubt I’ll get a chance to show him it.

I’m finally back to two console ownerdomthingy (I’m not counting the mega drive and the DS Lite). A good friend’s given me his PS2 in exchange for whisky once I’m working again, along with it, he gave me Resident Evil Outbreak (Not tried it yet), Sonic Heroes (Not tried that either) and Sega Mega Drive Collection.
Sega Mega Drive Collection is like my childhood on a DVD so it rocks! Spent ages yesterday playing Sonic 2 and Comix Zone.
I also went out and traded some stuff in for Final Fantasy 12, the main reason why I wanted a PS2 again (This is my 3rd PS2, and my first slimline one, bloody hell it’s tiny!).

Final Fantasy 12 is interesting so far. It’s not grabbed me yet but I’ve only had a chance to play it for about an hour yet. So far I’ve determined that the cut scenes are a little long for my liking, I have a crap attention span at the best of times and I think it’s particularly bad at the moment due to my limited free time. However, the cut scenes does make it more cinematic. A friend of mine said that the game felt more like a film than any other Final Fantasy game he’d played so I was half expecting that.

I’m also a bit unsure about the combat. I’m old-fashioned, I expect turn based Final Fantasy style combat. This is quite a revelation. Hopefully it’ll turn out good though. The real test is larger boss battles which I have yet to encounter. The last turn based RPG I played was Enchanted Arms so that doesn’t help because I loved that combat system!

But Final Fantasy 12 has a lot of promise, if nothing else the graphics are amazing for the PS2 and the soundtrack is great too. So hopefully after a few more hours I’ll be hooked, nearly all RPGs take a while to get you hooked anyhow.
It doesn’t help that I am the biggest Final Fantasy VII fanboy/girl I know, so in my head I’m comparing it to 7 no matter how hard I try not to!

Finally, some photos of my set up as I took them for another forum a few days ago:

Set Up
Bit messy, it’s my set up having returned from Uni and midway through completely trashing my room and starting over again. The 19″ widescreen TFT is currently nearly purely for the 360 and the 17″ TFT for the PC. I tend to switch to dual monitors for the PC when I’m writing essays or doing websites. I’m hoping in the summer to buy a new HDTV so the monitors can be just for the PC and the 360 will get moved around along with mostly everything in this place. Just noticed the poor little external HD is getting treated like dirt as per usual!

is a close up of the games for the 360.

Hoping that by the next time I update i’ll have played a bit more of CoD2, FF12 and maybe even a spot of Dead Rising as it’s so cruelly neglected.

5 thoughts on “Rotten Tomato


    Nice blog and well done with your achievement whoring! 😀

  2. Darren/Kainz Uk

    Allo! Deady Rising = Possibly one of the best games on the 360. Don’t forget to play CoD2 only on Vet mode, the other modes are pointless tbh if you’re going for achievements 🙂

  3. suarvvve

    The other modes in COD2 are pointless full stop! 🙂 One you get used to the aiming system it ain’t so bad – well there are parts where I lost my sanity.

  4. Mach Speed fighter

    Nice set of games and a weird set up 😉 some good achievement boosts in there 🙂 You might catch me up soon..

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