Room renovation

Not quite gaming related but tough, it’s ruled my life for over a week now so you can read all about it now 😉
Yeah I know it’s only a room but it took me long enough! And I’m very pleased with the results. 🙂 All phone pics so sorry for the quality.

It started out looking rather crappy, it had damp in 2 different corners, the carpet was horrible and coming up all over the place because it was carpet tiles, nothing had been decorated by me (It was the study for my parents beforehand) even though I’d been in there 7 years and there was no organisation at all as I was an incredibly messy teenager but I’ve made up for my sins slightly these days :p Basically I’d outgrown it and it was a state anyhow.

We started out having to strip wallpaper in between boxes of crap as we had nowhere else to put them:

I had no wardrobe as my Dad had got halfway through building me one before he got rheumatoid arthritis so it never got finished. This was the wardrobe heh:

Hardly handy for work clothes or anything that needed folding!

After a couple of days we managed to get this far:

We could have done more but we had a few problems, I’d never stripped wallpaper before, my Mum’s got a neck injury and my Dad’s arthritis kept getting worse! Didn’t stop him being silly in the second photo though 😉

The cat was dead pleased at the chaos as he loves boxes and awkward places to sleep, he decided to guard my 360 for a while because he knows how much it means to me!

Finally we managed to get a few coats of paint up on 2 walls, went for an off white colour called Moonlight White on one wall, and the other 3 would be Lime Sorbet which is a lot less vivid than it sounds!

A decent representation of the colour.

The guy that fitted the ceiling (And built the extension in fact) was the last owner and he was a total cowboy builder so the ceiling was a state and no one could paint the ceiling easily so we fitted coving to it:

That was a challenge but turned out well I think 🙂 Needs a few edges filling.

Finally today we had to lay the carpet, got a cheap carpet courtesy of Carpet City (What a scary sounding city) and decided to fit it ourselves because of money. The cat decided to help a bit too.

So…..ta da. It’s *nearly* done.

Main things that need doing tomorrow is put together the TV unit which my Dad’s helping with, stick books back up on the bookshelf and tie up some cables as they’re a bit iffy at the moment.
Then in a day or two I’m sorting out a wireless network for the house which will cut down on more cables. Then once I’m back from Leeds I’m going sofa hunting to put between the bed and the window and the shelf is moving. And in the long term, well my first paycheque hopefully. New TV!

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  1. NokkonWud

    Very nice, I really like the colour and wouldn’t mind my room the same colour but I’ll be moving soon (again) when I get a job!

    Well done to you and your dad,

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