I’ve just added every review I’ve written so far. I can’t guarantee the quality at all, so don’t expect professionalism! Hopefully the more I’ve written, the more I’ve improved. Each review will start with a brief line or two just detailing when it was written so it can be put into context (i.e. if there’s been a sequel since I wrote the review).
More will be added as I write them, either just for this blog, or for other sites like or

The current ones are listed to the right along the menubar, sorry for the messy look at the moment. I’ll get on with fixing it asap so it looks a bit prettier 🙂 I look forward to the hatemail :p I’ve already learnt that no matter what you rate a game, someone will think you’re mad for such a ‘low’ score while others moan about the ‘high’ score 😀

Oh yes, none of these games have percentage scores. I hate having to come up with a number out of 100 to represent my opinion, and although I do it for the sites I review for, I’d much prefer to just give a score out of 5.

1 thought on “Reviews

  1. NokkonWud

    I am loving the new grey boxes. Much better than before, the blog has a lot more character now.
    The none-tiling backgrounds are still annoying though, as well as the nonsensical tabbing system which just seems to be at complete random :p.

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