Reason for the lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’d love to say that’s all over now, but I can’t guarantee it for a while…..or guarantee pretty much anything in my life at the moment.

My Dad died suddenly on April 12th. He was only 63 and at the time we thought he was pretty healthy. My Mum and I were there to watch him die at our home when there was nothing we could do to save him. We then had a house full of police for most of the day and a 2 week wait for the funeral because a post mortem needed to be conducted as he died suddenly.

So life’s pretty shit at the moment and the repurcussions just keep coming and coming.

I’ll update when I can think of something less emo to type.

4 thoughts on “Reason for the lack of updates

  1. Benny

    Sorry to hear 🙁 My thoughts are with you Haly, if you need to offload you know where I hide. And I’m often online even when it says I’m not. Take it easy and I’ll catch you round

  2. Darren/Kainz Uk

    You have my deepest sympathies and our heartfelt condolences Haly. I can’t imagine how you feel right now but as Benny said, feel free to add me on msn if you wish to talk. Take care girl.

  3. NokkonWud

    I was sorry to hear it at BD when you posted about it, it must be a truly traumatic experience to go through and I’m sorry you had to experience it first hand.

    Echoing the sentiments of those above, you know I’m always on MSN and even though we chat regularly, you know I’m always there for you to talk to about anything on your mind.

    Wib wub, Karl.

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