Pro Evolution Soccer 6 review

While I was away, I’m very proud to say that my Pro Evo 6 review was posted up on
For those of you interested in reading it, Pro Evo Soccer 6 review.

I know I’m a happy bunny! Still working on plenty behind the scenes too.

I came back from Leeds with an urge to read lots of news (I love news and politics, and I really missed having News 24 or, an urge to eat lots of food that hadn’t been boiled for hours on end and drenched with olive oil (The 4* hotel left a lot to be desired :() and an urge to play games for as many hours as possible before I start work on Tuesday.
All those urges have since been fulfilled, and I’ve passed the 20k mark at last thanks to Football Manager 2007 and Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

I also returned to find that I’ve passed my Uni exams so i’m now only a dissertation away from an Msc. Suppose I’d better get on with that!

1 thought on “Pro Evolution Soccer 6 review

  1. NokkonWud

    Very well done on passing the exams, glad to hear they all went well.

    AS for your review, I had a read through it and it was definitely a good read and a lot better than a lot of those other ones up there, you were however, for my money, a lot kinder to it than I would be. I smashed my first copy off the wall which resulted in disc shards, I’ve launched controllers and I’ve used that many curse words that I’ve been left having to create my own for originalities sake.

    If Xbox360Achievements are wanting another reviewer, let me know. :).

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