While I was away, I’m very proud to say that my Pro Evo 6 review was posted up on x360a.org.
For those of you interested in reading it, Pro Evo Soccer 6 review.

I know I’m a happy bunny! Still working on plenty behind the scenes too.

I came back from Leeds with an urge to read lots of news (I love news and politics, and I really missed having News 24 or bbc.co.uk, an urge to eat lots of food that hadn’t been boiled for hours on end and drenched with olive oil (The 4* hotel left a lot to be desired :() and an urge to play games for as many hours as possible before I start work on Tuesday.
All those urges have since been fulfilled, and I’ve passed the 20k mark at last thanks to Football Manager 2007 and Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

I also returned to find that I’ve passed my Uni exams so i’m now only a dissertation away from an Msc. Suppose I’d better get on with that!

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 review
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