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I really should try to commit time once a week to update this. I really enjoy reading Borandi and NokkonWud’s blog (see the Blogroll) so I should probably try to do something similar again. I particuarly like the style of Borandi’s entries but I should probably go for my own way of doing it.
Anyway after the berating myself. What have I been up to? Quite a lot of gaming.

I’ve hit 52k now. I’m fairly sure I could catch up with Creature on 57k fairly easily: I’ve got NBA Live 08, NBA2k8 and Looney Tunes waiting for easy points, as well as Jericho and a few others. But for now I’m enjoying just gaming.
I’ve actually enjoyed playing Jericho, think I’m just over halfway now but I haven’t played it much in a couple of weeks. I’m playing on hard and stuck all the cheats on, laziness I know. It’s far from scary which is slightly disappointing.
As well as this I’ve been chipping away at Football Manager 2008. I achieved Manager of the Year, Undefeated Season, Win 5 Separate Leagues, Win a Continental Cup and World Player of the Year. And I’m on Season 3 of the 10 seasons I need to do, over that time I’ll collect up the rest of the achievements too. Nice satisfying 1k when I get there even though it is the easiest of the three Football Manager games.

I’ve also made 3 new purchases in the past 2 weeks. I bought Project Sylpheed for £4.99 second hand, so I figured it had to be worth that price. Seems quite fun on the brief play I had, not worth much more, but for a fiver it’s fine. Amazing the amount of games that are £4.99 in Gamestation at the moment, I own or have played most of them but can’t be long till more arrive for that price.

And I bought Ninja Gaiden 2 and Lego Indiana Jones. I saved more this month than I thought plus I sold Mario Kart Wii for £50 so as I couldn’t decide between the two, I went for the greedy option! Lego Indiana Jones is brilliant fun, easy achievements and a nice relaxing game. Ninja Gaiden 2 only arrived today so I’ve not had a chance to play yet, but from my experiences of the original and the demo: It’s going to be a challenge but hopefully very satisfying if I ever master it 🙂 If not, I’ll retreat to the safety of Indy 😉

1 thought on “Playing Catch Up

  1. NokkonWud

    Every entry it’s a case of “Oh, I bought more games!”, you only do it because you know I can’t afford MGS4, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Lego Indy! I know your game! Grrr.

    I have Condemned 2 on rental, I really should play it, I’ve had it just over 2 months and even Love Film have asked for it back! Thing is, I actually quite enjoyed what I had done too, which is odd. I’ll try and get something done over the weekend I think.

    You should add a page to your blog for reviews, then post up all the reviews you’ve written for various sites, I still only have the one up on my site and I really should be doing more.

    Good luck getting the full 1000 on Football Manager 2008, I’ve heard only the most l337 people have that one! Same for 2006 even though both are old news now ;).

    Enjoy your games this month!

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