I really should try to commit time once a week to update this. I really enjoy reading Borandi and NokkonWud’s blog (see the Blogroll) so I should probably try to do something similar again. I particuarly like the style of Borandi’s entries but I should probably go for my own way of doing it.
Anyway after the berating myself. What have I been up to? Quite a lot of gaming.

I’ve hit 52k now. I’m fairly sure I could catch up with Creature on 57k fairly easily: I’ve got NBA Live 08, NBA2k8 and Looney Tunes waiting for easy points, as well as Jericho and a few others. But for now I’m enjoying just gaming.
I’ve actually enjoyed playing Jericho, think I’m just over halfway now but I haven’t played it much in a couple of weeks. I’m playing on hard and stuck all the cheats on, laziness I know. It’s far from scary which is slightly disappointing.
As well as this I’ve been chipping away at Football Manager 2008. I achieved Manager of the Year, Undefeated Season, Win 5 Separate Leagues, Win a Continental Cup and World Player of the Year. And I’m on Season 3 of the 10 seasons I need to do, over that time I’ll collect up the rest of the achievements too. Nice satisfying 1k when I get there even though it is the easiest of the three Football Manager games.

I’ve also made 3 new purchases in the past 2 weeks. I bought Project Sylpheed for £4.99 second hand, so I figured it had to be worth that price. Seems quite fun on the brief play I had, not worth much more, but for a fiver it’s fine. Amazing the amount of games that are £4.99 in Gamestation at the moment, I own or have played most of them but can’t be long till more arrive for that price.

And I bought Ninja Gaiden 2 and Lego Indiana Jones. I saved more this month than I thought plus I sold Mario Kart Wii for £50 so as I couldn’t decide between the two, I went for the greedy option! Lego Indiana Jones is brilliant fun, easy achievements and a nice relaxing game. Ninja Gaiden 2 only arrived today so I’ve not had a chance to play yet, but from my experiences of the original and the demo: It’s going to be a challenge but hopefully very satisfying if I ever master it 🙂 If not, I’ll retreat to the safety of Indy 😉

Playing Catch Up
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