Not a lot of gaming news but…

I felt obliged to at least do a brief update for Inoshishi if no one else :p
I haven’t been about a lot especially these past 2 weeks, mainly for 2 reasons.
1) I had a car accident on the way to my first day of my new job. It was a stupid accident, luckily the only ones that got hurt were me and my car. My car got written off (RIP my lovely car 🙁 It rocked), I didn’t quite get written off but stuff hurts. I acquired a swollen knuckle (that would be my hand meeting the dashboard), a swollen knee (sucks to be short, you end up nearer the dashboard), swollen ribs (hit the steering wheel and the airbag didn’t go off) and worst of all a bad shoulder.
Unfortunately for me, just over a year ago I had a shoulder injury. It was diagnosed that basically my shoulder blade had become detached from my ribcage. After many months of physio and being careful, it was mostly ok as long as I didn’t push it too much.
One car accident later and I’m right back at the start which makes it impossible to lift anything vaguely heavy, twist round to do anything, sit straight for any length of time or type at a PC on a desk for any length of time without lots of pain.
I’m also entirely carless as the insurance payout didn’t really cover enough to make it worthwhile, so I’m waiting till I’ve got the funds to adequately replace the old car.

2) Well that’s the new job. Ironically it involves sitting at a desk typing all day heh. I struggle through then in the evenings do my best to minimise damage and sit still a lot. Luckily the job’s going well so far, which is handy because it can fund the new car! For now I’m restricted to buses. Fun.

Other than that, gaming has been a little sparse. I must have gamed a fair bit in my week off that I shouldn’t have had (work told me to come in a week after I was meant to as I wasn’t really up to it) but admittedly that week’s been a little bit of a blur.
I know in the past week I’ve been playing LMA Manager though as I’ve signed up for a 3 month free trial of Lovefilm so I got that, Kingdom of Fire and Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures (which is terrible so far).

So, I’m sorry for the severe lack of updates. I can’t guarantee when the next one is as right now it seems to take a lot to juggle work, reviewing and a bit of spare time!

5 thoughts on “Not a lot of gaming news but…

  1. Inoshishi

    Really sorry to hear about your accident mate, that is terrible news, hope you recover soon! Good news on your job though, sounds like your doing well 🙂

    I guess we can forgive you for the lack of updates under the circumstances :p

    Keep well mate

  2. Darren/Kainz

    Hmm sorry to hear about that. Hope you recover quickly anyway.

    Ah buses 🙂 Welcome to my world 😀 Here are some tips!

    1. Patience – The urge not to beat the crap out of teenyboppers armed with mp3 phones – the curse of mankind. Either that or just waiting for the bus to come in time.

    2. Anger management – The seat that you just got off had bubblegum/dirt/wetpatch on it, and is now on your coat/jacket.

    3. Having an mp3 player keeps you from going insane.

    4. Kids today suck and need a kicking.

    5. Kids today are tubby gits around here cos they get free bus travel and are too fat to bloomin use their legs.

    6. That fit girl/guy you see everyday is most likely taken so don’t get your hopes up.

    7. Let the gits with the 10 bags of luggage enter the bus last, or you’ll be in line for ages.

    8. That giant sumo wrestler is one day definitely going to sit next to you.

    9. If the windows are steamed up, feel free to inscribe smilies on them.

    10. Earthquakeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  3. thewilleffect

    Oh, noes. What terrible news. May the Schwartz make it all better, n’ stuff like that. Get well soon. As for a severe lack of updates, please. Have you seen my personal blog. It’s a disgrace. I only wish to update it once every six month’s since certain other obligations take up so much of the rest of my time. Again, get well soon. As I think about it, why haven’t I commented here before, or have I? hmmm, I wonder. Oh well!

  4. ~J~

    What you need is a nice fella to talk to on the bus.

    I know one. email me and I’ll tell you more!

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