Musings on Spiderman: Friend or Foe and Lost Odyssey

I got lucky and the laptop arrived today 🙂 When I ordered it on Friday night, it had an ETA of on or before March 28th but it all went through much quicker and it arrived this afternoon. Excellent! Especially considering the 3 games I have to review all showed up Monday so that should make life easier 🙂
Even better, Dell didn’t quite send me what I ordered.
I ordered a core2duo 1.6ghz slightly slower than my desktop at 2ghz but I couldn’t afford to go up to the 2ghz one.
What CPU does this have, do you ask?
The 2ghz one! Despite all the invoices and packing slips saying it’s 1.6ghz and the fact I’ve been charged the correct amount for the 1.6ghz one.
So that’s a nice surprise. 😀

Anyways I spent my weekend as a semi crippled person (taking the tape off my back was murder, left my skin very sore, tender and red; and BOTH shoulder blades hurting lots!) gaining lots of achievement points like the sad sod I am on the quiet 😉
I’d received Spiderman: Friend or Foe from Lovefilm and I actually quite enjoyed it.
Sure it was stupidly easy and obviously aimed at children (you couldn’t even really die in the game), but it had a certain charm and it reminded me a little of Streets of Rage for some reason. It was a nice mindless distraction for a while really. I’d never buy it and I’d have been gutted if I’d paid money for it but as a free rental it was fine.
The only really crappy thing was the stupid last 75 point achievement. It involved upgrading your 14 (yes 14) sidekicks fully. This took over 2hrs and numerous replays of the final level just to gain the coins needed to upgrade. And it was bloody annoying! And pointless. Yet I was so near to 1king the game that I felt compelled through my bloody stubbornness to do it. So I did……I’m a fool 😛

The other game I played as much as possible at the weekend was Lost Odyssey. A game that should be everything I could ever dream of….yet it’s missing something. Made by all the geniuses of Final Fantasy, it has an incredibly good story that keeps me playing. The dream segments are truly touching and emotional; yet I still can’t help but feel it’s just not quite there.
There’s no innovation, it’s the same kind of RPG as you’d see 10 years ago. No bad thing…but I kind of want something new and exciting now. You still wander around people’s houses nicking their stuff without any questions asked, the battle system is near identical to Final Fantasy VIII yet lacks a comprehensive magic system like materia or junctioning brought; and it has some daft minigames in it that break up the story too much.
I just want more, I’m not quite sure what right this second but I know this is missing something. I’ll still enjoy working my way through it, I just wish it could truly amaze me. The first 10 minutes amazed me, but that was that 🙁

For now I bid adieu as I have updates to restart for and I want to see how WoW plays on this lappy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Musings on Spiderman: Friend or Foe and Lost Odyssey

  1. Inoshishi

    Result! – Nice one on getting the faster CPU in your laptop, hope you enjoy it mate. I was thinking of repeatedly punching my friend in the face until he gives in and lets me steal his 360 for a while and copy of Lost Odyssey, I’d love to at least give it a try.

    Didn’t know you played wow, what class are you? what server are you on? and please say your horde? :p

  2. NokkonWud

    Wish I was this lucky. Hell, wish I had the money to buy ANY laptop!

    Done much gaming lately? I’ve already piled over 100 hours into FM2008. It’s worrying.

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