Machinima and Game Design

So I’ve been busy, been gaming lots but not really got round to blogging about it.

However, I’ve started cracking on with some Uni work. And stuff that actually interests me!
For one module, I’ve got to create Machinima. Basically using video game tools such as Unreal Editor in my case, to create a movie.
I’ve spent half the day looking through for ideas and generally to see what others have done. Some interesting ones there.
In particular, there was an amalgamation of World of Warcraft and Super Mario Bros by Losos which was interesting, maybe the content wasn’t fascinating after the while, but the idea and the creation process were.
I always lean towards watching Counterstrike 1.6 videos so watched a few of those, so now I’ve got an urge to play again.

As well as this, I’ve got to come up with a game concept for a presentation shortly. So I googled around a bit and came across ’40 Ways to be a better (game) designer’ on Raph Koster’s website, Raph Koster having worked on Star Wars Galaxies as Chief Creative Officer.

Then came across, The Anatomy of a Design Document to give me a clue of how to write up my design brief for the end of April.

When I’ve got some basic machinima sorted, I’ll upload it. Got a website to design for a wedding garter business first of all which I’ve got to stick high up on my priority list. Going to be quite a learning process for me.

Oh and God knows how much my Gamerscore’s gone up since the last update, a good few k, and should go up by another k within a day or two!

2 thoughts on “Machinima and Game Design

  1. suarvvve

    Try watching some quake q3 ctf videos. IF you want links to some of the best just say so!

  2. NokkonWud

    I remember when I had to greate a games concept last year, I was quite happy with mine though it was a little too rushed being a night before job (I totally forgot about it and chanced across the ICA which had a deadline of tomorrow :O). If you want I will e-mail it to you, maybe it will give some idea’s or something to base your presentation design on? I don’t know :P.

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