Lack of Content

Point increase since 15th July: 1145
Bit of a delayed update. Not really been in the mood for writing as the last two weeks haven’t been great. The usual stuff really. Plus while my self confidence is messed up, so is my confidence with writing, which is hardly useful. So I’ve just kept my head down, watched plenty of Top Gear and played a few games.
However, I haven’t really been achievement whoring. Just not been in the mood, so I’ve mainly played Lost Odyssey. I’m on the final disc with plenty of sidequests to get through before I finish it off. It’s a great game. The dreams are very well told, sad in many places but brilliant. I don’t think I will 1k it (or should I say 1100 it) but I’d like to get close. I haven’t really played it for points anyhow, instead simply because I love RPGs. Having said that, 220 points in the past two weeks isn’t bad for an RPG.

In the last few days I’ve put aside Lost Odyssey in favour of Civilization Revolutions which, Nokkon will be so unsurprised by this, I bought in the Gamestation sale for £19.99. Yeah, my name is Jen and I’m a game buyingaholic. I love it though. I’ve chosen it over sleep (playing till 3am despite being knackered) and food (despite it being mid afternoon and having only eaten one small slice of toast all day). It rocks. I love Civ games. Worth every penny for me, just the same as FM2008 was worth £15. Plus I’ve managed to reap 365 points from it in only a couple of days.

Excluding short bursts of CoD4, FM2008 and Superman Returns (which I now hate after my brief break from it, it’s like I’ve realised what good games are meant to be like, and this is far from it!), my only points came from Kung Fu Panda which I finished off for the most part. There were two achievements I didn’t get, due to a mixture of laziness and because I needed to send my rentals back in time for my free trial to end with Lovefilm.

Lucky for me, I have another free trial going! Only 45 days this time round but hopefully I can stick a 90 day one on afterwards. Tomorrow I should have Bee Movie and Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures arriving, both of which I’ve briefly played before but not hugely for various reasons. I also have Two Worlds arriving, not so much for points (although hopefully it won’t be too bad for points) but to see which side of the opinion divide I’m on, and because it’s the only RPG on the 360 I’ve not played.

Fingers crossed I hit 60k soon!
Till the next update…hopefully I’ll be more imaginative by then.

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  1. NokkonWud

    I just looked at some of your achievements, you’re in quite a pickle when it comes to Football Manager 2008. You’ve done brilliantly to get that many points, but the ones left (160 points) are all long haul achievements – 5 managers of the year, 5 and 10 years in a club and 20 trophies!

    You have to get that done. Enough with this game buying nonsense!

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