Just a short update for now

Point increase since 22nd October: 450
Is it Monday already? Oh crap that means update time and I’m not really busy with anything which means I have no excuse! Damn me for creating these rules for myself.

I do have more good news to post. I got a trial reviewer’s position at www.xboxgamezone.co.uk the position I mentioned last week I’d applied for. Got a game winging its way to me now which I should have by Wednesday to review 🙂 Whole thing looks really promising at the moment.

Since Thursday, all I’ve played pretty much has been Fable 2. And I’ve played a lot of it. I’ve not completed it yet but that’s because I’ve really been taking my time rather than rushing through. I’ve also aimed to buy as much property as possible. All but 5 of those 450 points since the 22nd are down to Fable 2. It’s nice to play a game that gradually rewards you with achievement points for doing fun, but not outlandish, things. They feel earned yet not in an overly difficult manner 😛

The other 5 points were from Marble Blast Ultra, an arcade game that I have thanks to Zico. He was kindly offering out XBLA game codes and upon Nokkon’s recommendation, I went for it. Played through a fair bit of the Beginners levels, picked up one achievement and loved it. Really fun little game. I’ll be playing a lot more of that soon. The same has to be said of Mercenaries 2 as well. I’m glad I sold so many games, Fable 2 is really sapping my time!

1 thought on “Just a short update for now

  1. NokkonWud

    Glad you liked Marble Blast. Give me a shout and I’ll take you on online, it’s really a great game to keep going back to.

    Mercenaries 2 is a good laugh too, I was really enjoying it when my fun was cut short by the game causing my dashboard to lock up and cruelly throwing 590 additional points at me.

    Can’t wait to give Fable 2 a right good going over this weekend.

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