Jack’s Back, but he can’t save me from that pesky dog!

CoD:WaW has been sitting on my shelf untouched since I bought it second hand just after Christmas. In hindsight it was an impulsive buy that really I shouldn’t have made considering I’d only just bought Left4Dead. Despite many of my friends and I loving our multiplayer sessions of CoD4, no one I knew bought CoD:WaW citing already having too many games to play and not having 1ked CoD4 yet as reasons to not bother with it. All perfectly valid reasons and I agreed until of course said impulse kicked in and I bought a copy off a forum for £30. The problem was, with no friends around to rave about it and encourage me to play it. It just sat there like an unloved….something.

However finally today I thought I’d give it a go. Initial reactions? Jack Bauer’s in the Second World War! Poor Kiefer Sutherland, I know he did The Lost Boys etc but he’s always going to be Jack to me. Although I’m sure the countless fortunes he’s made from 24 must make him feel much better about things, there must be a niggling thought in the back of his head thinking ‘Nooooo I’m more than just Jack damnit!’. According to IMDB, he has spent 15 hours a day, six days a week, for the last five years on the set of “24” in which case I hope he gets paid bloody well as surely that would get tedious after a while!
Anyhow, excluding the Jack Bauer in the Second World War thing, the early stages of CoD:WaW weren’t overally amazing for me. It didn’t really grab me, it just threw lots of Japanese soldiers at me to shoot and a few Banzai attacks for good measures too. I can see how this would be horrendous on Veteran though!
However, just before turning it off to go get some dinner, I started the Stalingrad level which is just plain nasty at the start, watching ‘your’ fellow countrymen get shot by some nasty bloke, while lying dying anyway. I liked the way the story was going, it felt more personal than usual and less gung ho than the previous level. I had to sneakily shoot some German soldiers, as they’d helped kill my countrymen, all very vengeful stuff that kept me quite hooked on the story, I was forgetting to go make dinner. And then a damn dog came jumping over a wall and killed me in two bites…..I need food!

6 thoughts on “Jack’s Back, but he can’t save me from that pesky dog!

  1. borandi

    Bleh I got CoD:WaW from LoveFilm today, only to find it’s scratched to hell and wont play, even after cleaning 🙁 boo.

  2. James

    As a shameless Bauer fan, can I ask if Keifer is proper Bauer or is he putting on the Drill Sergeant voice he does in The Simpsons/Monsters Vs Aliens?

    I actually saw a trailer for COD:WAW about Gary Oldman’s character and was disappointed to hear he can’t do a decent Russian accent anymore – has he forgotten his time on Air Force One? 🙁

  3. Haly Post author

    I can’t remember the Drill Sergeant voice very well now 😮
    But I’d say in CoD:WaW he sounds very Bauer-esque 😀 Very gruff and rushed like he knows he has limited time to achieve his goals!

    I was really disappointed by Gary Oldman’s accent too 🙁

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