Halfway point of July? Well, sort of

A relatively quiet gaming week. I’ve just not been in the mood for point whoring and I seem to have an allergy for any third person perspective game that has a cover system too. I blame The Bourne Conspiracy. Too much ‘shoot someone, duck, shoot someone, duck’ ad naseum.

I have however managed to reach 57,000 though. On the dot. I’ve got Iron Man and Kung Fu Panda at the moment. Iron Man is more of the ‘shoot someone and take cover’ variety so you can imagine how much I’ve played that. I loved the film, as always the game is a wasted opportunity but an easy cash in. So only 40 points so far.

Kung Fu Panda is quite fun, obviously very simple as it’s a kids game but it makes a change of pace and it’s not bad fun for a rental. 390 points from it so far. It’d only take an afternoon of playing to get the vast majority of points, I just don’t feel in a rush at the moment.

Played a bit more of Superman Returns and gained another 100 points, again it won’t take me long to complete but I’m taking my time and left it for the past few days.

Finally I’ve gone back to Lost Odyssey which I’ve been really enjoying. Not many achievements in the past week, just the one 20 pointer, but I think they’ll flow a lot faster once I’ve wrapped up a few more sidequests and levelled up my characters enough to fight the optional bosses.

Oh and just to annoy Nokkon (:P) I have got a new game…….Universe at War for the PC. Only £4.99 from Game. My Mum treated me while she bought Zelda; Twilight Princess as she’s realised how great games can be at distracting you and keeping your mind off things. No idea what the achievements will be like, but I fancied seeing what Live on the PC is like.

Elsewhere in life, my laptop’s stuttering slightly and I have no idea why. Every time I type, it pauses for a second half way through whatever I’m typing then suddenly catches up. It’s irritating. And I can’t figure out what’s changed. The only thing that I’ve installed lately was an update to iTunes and that shouldn’t have affected anything. Might just end up formatting, somehow seems quicker than checking everything 301 times.
I updated iTunes so I could update my iPhone to the new software version, 2.0. It’s added an App Store which is pretty handy. Not all apps are free unfortunately but it’s still renewed my interest in my iPhone. First time I’ve ever bought a phone for its style as well as its functions and I’m very happy with it.
And finally, I’ve applied for a job at my local Gamestation, so cross your fingers for me!

1 thought on “Halfway point of July? Well, sort of

  1. NokkonWud

    You just can’t help yourself! lol. Knew you’d buy another game :p.

    As for the job, fingers crossed! *expects discounts*.

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