Gaming Update – full of Grrrrrrrr

Point increase since 12th October: 750
First up, down to business. New review up: Sonic Chronicles, not bad but could try harder. Nothing to review at the moment which is quite handy for me as Fable 2 will be arriving Friday! I want minimal distractions 🙂

I bought two new games this past week, yes I know. Bought Lego Batman and Mercenaries 2. Unfortunately I’m not overly keen on Lego Batman so that’s why I have the latter, I’ve blitzed through Batman so I can ebay it and make up the money to pay for Mercenaries 2 so not bad going!

I blitzed through it in 3 days, nearly 600 points in it and now I’ll ebay it. If I want to get more points, I’ll just rent it at some point. I was no fan of Lego Batman as a few people may have noticed from my recent comments. As a bit of background: I loved Lego Indiana Jones but didn’t like Lego Star Wars (at least not the original, I’ve not tried The Complete Saga enough to know), I put it down to not being a big Star Wars fan and it felt like Traveller’s Tale had improved the game AI drastically for Indiana Jones. So I hoped that as the order implied, Lego Batman would be as good as Indiana Jones. After all, I love the Batman films. I knew the game wasn’t based around any of the films but I love the characters too, so worth a try. It was immensely disappointing in reality 🙁 As well as very infuriating in places. As a disclaimer: I can see how playing it in co-op is great fun, as most of the problems are based around the poor partner AI more than anything else.

The AI is the main problem, it’s just too stupid, your partner spends half its time getting in the way. But the ultimate annoyance was one puzzle halfway through the Hero segment of the game. It required lighting up a dancing stage so that you could unleash a giant robot (don’t ask!). To do this, you and your partner need to move across white squares quickly so that you can change their colour to green, completing it by turning all the squares to green. Two squares light up at a time, one for you, one for your partner. Then move quickly to the next set of white squares that appear. The problem was, in one player mode, the AI just stood there doing sod all. Essentially I had no chance at all of getting past the segment without a human player, so I got my Mum to take over the controls for the brief segment. But what if I was in the house on my own? Lived alone? I assume I’d have been screwed, never to complete the 3rd Hero story. Unless I became extremely talented at controlling a lego character with my feet. Plain unforgiveable if you ask me!

So really, Lego Batman was not a bad game, just bloody irritating! Which was a shame. It did help me reach 64,000 points though 🙂

In other achievement, but not gamerscore news, me, Daz, Leowyatt and Nokkon completed the Halo 3 Vidmaster achievement. It involved completing the last level of the game on Legendary riding Ghosts and with the Iron Skull on. The Iron Skull meaning that if one person dies, everyone goes back to the last checkpoint. It wasn’t actually as hard as I thought it’d be, mainly because I thought it’d be impossible! It was incredibly satisfying to achieve though 🙂 Even if it is a 0 point achievement. We need another 4 player co-op game. It was a great laugh with everyone 🙂

I haven’t had a chance to play Mercenaries 2 yet which is where my bad luck day begins. While finishing off Lego Batman achievements, my 360 began to lock up. It did it about 6-7 times including sometimes on the dashboard, as soon as I started it back up. I kept going, crossing my fingers it wasn’t dying. Finished Lego Batman and loaded up Mercenaries 2 for the first time, it froze while choosing characters. Restarted it, got as far as the opening segment and paused it for a second. When I came back 2 minutes later, it had frozen again. Turned it off and back on again. Ta da!


That’s my 2nd RROD on 2 different consoles. The first 360 lasted from October 2006 until December 2007, it was one of the early models so really it was a matter of time till it died anyhow. I bought a new one, an Arcade model with the Falcon chipset and HDMI. Sent the old one off to MS to be fixed and when it returned, I ebayed it only making about £5 loss all in all. So it was my Falcon chipset (supposedly reliable one) that died after just under 10 months. A good friend of mine, Leowyatt, is going to help me hopefully get it exchanged at Gamestation tomorrow so fingers crossed! If not, I might just see about if I can afford to owe myself the money for a replacement then do what I did last time. It might sound sad but in the past 6 months, it’s really, really helped me with stress relief and getting by. It’s just nice as escapism and I’ve had a lot to want to escape from this year. God knows how healthy it is, but I think as long as I get by somehow, it’ll do!

Oh and in final bad news. No Fable 2: Collector’s Edition for me 🙁 Tesco decided they couldn’t get stock in for it leaving me without it as everywhere’s sold out now. I have got a regular copy arriving however as for some reason shopto didn’t cancel my pre-order so that’s on the way tomorrow. But it’s not the CE due to when I pre-ordered it, I briefly considered just going for the regular till I read up on the DLC that comes with it and decided that was still worth it despite no figurine etc.

So it’s not been the luckiest of times games wise for me! Actually, it’s never the luckiest of times life wise for me either 😛

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  1. NokkonWud

    Shame to hear about your Xbox360, but look on the bright side, imagine if you were relying on Tesco, cancelled your ShopTo game as well, you wouldn’t have ANY Fable II coming.

    Is that photo your actual Xbox360?

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