Gaming Round Up

Gaming Round Up

I’ve been distinctly lacking in inspiration lately. Various things have come up in my personal life that’s made things a bit difficult of late, meaning that I guess my brain just hasn’t really bothered with thinking creatively. So for now, and to show you readers that I do still exist, you can have a fairly predictable games update to see what I’ve been playing lately!

I went on a bit of a points spending spree not long ago, acquiring Peggle, both Fable 2 DLCs, the newest Tomb Raider Underworld DLC: Lara’s Shadow and the Fallout 3 DLC: Broken Steel.

Peggle is horribly addictive just as people warned me. It’s the kind of game that I play for five minutes and then an hour has passed without me even blinking. However, now that I just have the challenges to complete, it is annoyingly tough too! I wouldn’t be surprised if I purchase it on the App Store for my iPhone too despite it being the exact same game.

I’ve purchased Broken Steel for Fallout 3 but I haven’t played it yet. I’m saving it for when I’ve got plenty of time to get absorbed into it. However I did have a brief go of Knothole Island for Fable 2 earlier and it didn’t go as planned. I felt no urge to really play it and ended up playing something else as it just wasn’t interesting me. I found it quite shocking. At launch, I adored Fable 2. It was hugely flawed but I still loved it, more so than Fallout 3 in fact. But this just felt wrong. Maybe it was the extended break, or maybe it was Knothole Island being a bit rubbish. I’m not sure. I will go back to it and figure it out though, hopefully things will improve. I don’t want my fond memories being tarnished by this dull return trip.

I’ve not played Lara’s Shadow for Tomb Raider Underworld yet, been busy completing the game. Underworld was good fun, it was very predictable and essentially the same gameplay that the original Tomb Raider introduced but that’s no bad thing for me. I enjoyed it enough that I think I’ll return to Tomb Raider Legend sometime and possibly pick up Tomb Raider Anniversary too. Underworld has also been quite generous with the achievement points, meaning I’ve nearly reached 81k despite not really playing the game for the points. In fact I’ve lost my achievement whoring urge at the moment. I had both Paintball 2009 and Disney’s Bolt to play for that and I just couldn’t be bothered. Paintball 2009 just wasn’t my kind of thing and I didn’t want to waste my time, and Disney’s Bolt was initially ok but quickly became very dull. I’m sure my achievement whoring days aren’t over forever, but for now there’s just too many good games to play, to bother with average ones.

Unfortunately there are still times where I’m forced to play average games, namely when I’m reviewing them, as is the case with Afro Samurai. The game’s not great. It is stylistically fantastic, however the camera is iffy to say the least and the action is mediocre, your typical hack n slasher. I’ve no doubt that fans of the anime series will like it, however I very much doubt gamers will. Certainly not when there are better games such as Ninja Gaiden 2 or Devil May Cry 4 are available.

On the reviewing front, I’m also busy with Ninja Bee’s Kaloki Adventure for the iPhone which is great fun. The review should be up shortly, along with other iPhone reviews as I haven’t got round to posting them on here yet. I’m also reviewing Grand Ages Rome on the PC, it’s not bad but nor is it particularly special either. Again, expect a review of it over the coming days.

And finally, I’m loving Rock Band 2. I’m so glad I found the Rock Band Band in a Box reduced, it really was worth the initial outlay. It’s just pure and simple good fun. Plus the drums are ideal stress relief! All I can request is I’d love to have more Muse and Killers tracks but I’ll live. Plenty of The Who tracks which is good!

Oh and in case you’ve got to the end of this and you’re still wondering ‘what’s with the pigeon picture?’, I received a new camera today and I’ve been out taking pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ I really liked this one and didn’t know what to use for an image for this entry anyway, so it made sense! If I get a chance, I might set up a gallery or extra category for ‘proper’ photos now that I’m not restricted to my iPhone camera!

8 thoughts on “Gaming Round Up

  1. Milo_Myage

    You know i’ve never played any Tomb Raider, might take the plunge. Is Anniversary the place to start?

  2. Brad Gallaway

    Good post, though I’ve got to admit that Peggle doesn’t do a whole hell of a lot for me. ; )

  3. James

    I know what you mean about Knothole Island. When it comes down to it, I only purchased it so I could get my dog back, but I was more than willing to enjoy a new quest. The problem is the quest felt closer to one of those irrelevant side-quests than a true main quest (like the Hero Ofโ€ฆ quests from the main game), so perhaps I was expecting too much.

    I just found that when I was playing through it, I was essentially rushing just to get it done. I didnโ€™t actually care about what I was doing, which is probably why I wasnโ€™t as outraged as I thought Iโ€™d be when the Weather quest ends exactly how it began โ€“ something that I thought was unnecessarily anti-climatic.

    It speaks volumes that even the repressed GamerscWhore in me canโ€™t be bothered to track down those books.

  4. Haly Post author

    Milo: I’d be tempted to say start on Legend as you can download the Anniversary DLC for that anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

    James: That sounds just like me. I’m hoping when I go back to it, I will enjoy it. But last night I just felt like I was doing it out of obligation as I’d downloaded it. Such a shame ๐Ÿ™

  5. James

    The thing is, it doesn’t feel like anything new. It just feels like you’re going back to Fable II to polish off bits that you hadn’t finished – but with the underlying sense of if you hadn’t finished them, why did you not feel compelled to stay and do so?

    I believe it was Chewing Pixels’ Simon Parkin who said the reason he couldn’t enjoy it is because the DLC throws money at you – but he recieved a couple of million gold in rent when he loaded his game, so anything he earned was completely irrelevant.

  6. Haly Post author

    Yeah I noticed that too. The amount of money I have now, means there’s just no point in me raiding dig spots or treasure chests, as I have enough money to buy probably the entire of Albion!

  7. James

    Clearly I missed something then, cos my fortunes never rise about the 500,000 mark. I’m still pouncing on every dig spot ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Haly Post author

    It probably helps that I own literally everything in the game ๐Ÿ˜€ And didn’t play it from November until now so that was a lot of rent to acquire ๐Ÿ™‚

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