Told you there’d be an update, and look I didn’t lie!
I’ve just uploaded ‘I have Mates all Over the World – Cultural Aspects of Multiplayer Gaming – Building Communities online and Synergy of Computer Games and Films if anyone’s interested. Let me know what you think if you do find the time to read them. 🙂

Reviews are forthcoming but I’d rather put them up as they are shown on x360a so you’ll have to wait a little while for that, so far I’ve written reviews for Meet The Robinsons, Pro Evo Soccer 6, Lego Star Wars 2, X-Men: The Official Game and Enchanted Arms. A few reviews have been posted on the site but unfortunately for me, mostly reviews of newer games which is fair enough really.

I’ve spent most of my time back in Swansea job hunting thanks to my old workplace messing me about and changing lots. I’ve finally managed to get one though, it’s working for 3 the mobile phone company. It’s based about 10 miles from where I live but shouldn’t be far on the M4! It’s only 16hrs a week but that’s ideal while I write up my dissertation. It pays well too considering the hours, so should be good.
On Sunday I’m off to Leeds for a training course for it, away Sunday night to Thursday night, all paid for and it’s a 4* hotel too.

Perhaps rather unluckily for me, I’ve got a flood of new games arriving probably while I’m away! I went on a small ebay spree after selling a lot of stuff on there, so coming to me soon is Football Manager 2007 (Nice slow burner of a game) and Just Cause (I played this at a friend’s and was really surprised by how fun it was), as well as a wireless network adaptor for the 360 as soon the whole house is going wireless (hopefully!). I’ve also just traded in lots of stuff for Guitar Hero 2 which is awesome, even if I am pretty terrible at it!
Finally I have Pirates of the Caribbean 3 arriving from swapgame, I’ve still got X-Men to finish up if I can muster the patience, and I’ve only scratched the surface of Shadowrun’s achievements, AND I’m working through Gears of War on Insane with P1NSEEKER off x360a.
That’s just the 360 games, I’ve not mentioned the PS2 games.
So there’s a fair bit to do, but then again I’m not planning on buying any more games for a good month or so, I’d quite like Dirt but I’ve got so many other games to play, I think I’ll leave it a bit.

Games, games, games
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