First Impressions

First Impressions of Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

I got this game because I love WW2 FPSes. Despite everyone else being sick to death of them, I still love the genre (as really WW2 based FPSes are a genre all by themselves), especially ones that have a decent story to keep me attached to the rest of my squad. I’ve never played a Brothers in Arms title before, not sure why. I think they must have appeared when I was too busy with Everquest or Counterstrike. So when this appeared suddenly on the scene (I hadn’t really paid attention to any previews), it looked pretty promising. It has so far delivered…but not without some suffering. It’s bloody hard to adjust to! I’m playing on the easiest mode possible but it’s a huge culture shock compared to the likes of Call of Duty. The game forces you to do two things, always take cover (and I mean ALWAYS) and suppressing fire is essential. As well as this, you control one or more squads of troops at any one time and it really is essential to keep them alive. At one point, when everyone had got wiped out but me, I had no chance of clearing out 3-4 groups of German soldiers by myself. It’s incredibly satisfying to get past a bit but also nerve wracking in places and frustrating in other places. It only takes a few shots to die so that adds to the tension.

I’m definitely enjoying it but it’s not a game I could play for an entire day, instead it’s a game I’ve played in parts, just enough to enjoy fully. I can see why it hasn’t had brilliant reviews though, it doesn’t really add anything to the genre so 60-70% seems quite reasonable. It seems to do a lot by the book. Oh and the multiplayer is shocking! But I’m not fussed about multiplayer at all so no big deal there.

First Impressions of Too Human

I’ve only played this for 30mins but I’m very surprised. After so many unsure reviews, I resisted buying it for a while. But thanks to some birthday money and it being £20 in HMV, I picked it up. Like I said previously, I’ve not played it much yet (was just a brief play before going to watch the England game) but first impressions were great. Again, it might not be anything unique but the presentation was fantastic and I got used to the control system much faster than I expected. I was worried about using the right stick for combat instead of the camera, but it does work surprisingly well, at least so far. It’s a game I’m looking forward to going back to later on today.