Early Impressions of the PS3

Playstation 3

Do bear in mind this is coming from someone used to a 360 so I’m looking at it from a slightly different perspective than people who have it as their first console of this generation.

As soon as I opened it, I have to admit to being most impressed by the PS3 in terms of looks. I know it’s a very personal thing, but it looked like I’d spent money on it. I love my 360, but the off white plastic style just looks cheap if you ask me. Perhaps hypocritically I liked the Wii’s looks upon opening the box but I think a lot of that was down to its size. The PS3 is huge! Which is not good for me at the moment as I was having to rely on my Mum with her bad back and permanent neck injury to lift it for me, in the end the box got dragged into the living room and dumped by the TV. It’s now residing on the floor at least until I can switch casts and be able to move it.

I did have to laugh that as soon as I opened it, I thought ‘ooh shiny’ and within a nanosecond a fingerprint and a bit of dust landed on it, ruining it forever Reminded me of first getting my iPhone I love the buttons though, I’ve not had a proper look (as it’s now near impossible for me to get to!) but I like touch sensitive buttons. My TV has the same so I guess I’m biased. Slot loading disc drive is nice too, purely a looks thing again but I like it.

Having wireless built in is brilliant at the moment. No ethernet cables go to that room so I wouldn’t have been able to go online on it until I got it upstairs in weeks to come, so it was very handy.

I’m still a little unsure about the controller. It is the perfect size for me and I like the weight of it and not needing a play n charge kit because it comes with its own way of doing it, but I’m mostly unsure about the L2 and R2 buttons. The triggers feel wrong and a little flimsy, after a few days use I seem to have adjusted though. I was worried the controller was a bit flimsy overall, but after resting it on the armrest then accidentally elbowing it halfway across the room (meaning I had to go call my Mum from upstairs to retrieve it for me, oops), I’ll forgive its flimsiness as it can’t be that bad

Installing games and updates is a bit irritating. The first game I installed was Ghostbusters and it took forever! System updates take a while too and I know it has the iTunes way of ‘patching’ things so it’ll just get bigger.

I’ve watched a few blu-rays, X-Men: The Last Stand, Vantage Point and Die Hard 4.0, and the picture seems very crisp, even my Mum noticed it. Really quite impressed with the picture, even the menus on the PS3 look crisper than I expected! It’s not even on the better TV as my TV is better than the living room one, so be interesting to see what it looks like on there.

I’ve only played Ghostbusters, Uncharted and Killzone 2 so far. I have the lovely problem of not being able to get down to the PS3 to switch discs, so once one disc goes in, I commit to it. I got Ghostbusters with the console so that went first. Really enjoyed it, it is flawed in places, but it kept me hooked to the end (it is a bit short, only took 6-7hrs if that), and has a great charm to it. Ghostbusters fans will love it.

Uncharted was good but not quite what I expected. I expected it to be more like Tomb Raider, which it is in places; but there is also a lot more combat than I anticipated. The combat lets it down a lot as it’s pretty basic and it feels like filler in between the more interesting stuff, at times it feels like it interrupts my progression more than anything else just to make the game a bit longer. Still good though, and the graphics are sublime. I look forward to Uncharted 2, and hope it will learn from the original’s mistakes.

Killzone 2…..ugh where do I start. I’ve only played the first two chapters so it is early days (although from what I’ve heard, it is a very short game anyway), but I’m far from impressed. The graphics are amazing, but the action is so mediocre. I will certainly complete it but I really couldn’t recommend it to others. The story and its characters are cardboard thin and the only reason why I can see it get so much hype is because of its exclusivity to the Playstation 3. What a waste.

I’ve got a few more games to get through. I have Prototype (although not an exclusive of course), as well as that I’ve borrowed Ratchet and Clank, Little Big Planet and Heavenly Sword from Nokkon and got Valkyria Chronicles coming soon from another friend (seriously can’t wait for that to arrive!).

So overall, I’m very impressed so far. Be interesting to see what happens when the 360 and PS3 are side by side but that’s going to be a fair while yet till it happens, and admittedly once I can walk again, I think I might not go near a game for a while!

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  1. Anthony

    The PS3 is a rather shiny and monolithic beast that towers over the other consoles. Having a 360 elite and a PS3 side by side really does show how much of a dull black plastic the 360 is made of. I’m not one to judge books by their covers usually, but the PS3 certainly looks sleek and sophisticated. It can also stand on it’s side without blocking a major air vent and risk exploding itself, which is something the 360 hasn’t really mastered quite yet.

    I’m also a fan of the built in wifi as I did resent a little bit having to buying a wireless doohickey for the 360, just to do what the other cosoles can out of the box. Then again the price difference does off set this a little bit. I do know what you mean though when you say it actually looks like the PS3 it is worth something.

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