Dynasty Warriors 5 and Age of Conan

I’ve hit 51.5kish now, amazing what lack of anything to do and some easy games can do eh!
I played through Dynasty Warriors 5 for much of last week. Once I understood what was going on, I actually quite enjoyed it. It was much like Bladestorm (which makes sense as both are made by KOEI), although most scenarios/maps were identical, essentially capture some bases and kill the enemy ruler; it was fun. Nice old fashioned hack n slash action. It was mindless which has been ideal for me lately.
As well as that I’ve had a few rentals: Looney Tunes, American Wasteland and NBA Live 08. None of which have overly grabbed me so they might get sent back before I 1k them which is silly really because they should be easy to 1k. But instead I might come back to them later.

Today, I’m planning an afternoon of Jericho on hard. Should be fun hopefully. If not maybe Lost Odyssey now I have the official guide to help me along the way. I was going to go through it without but I changed my mind. I’d rather do it that way now.

Also I’ve been playing the review copy of Age of Conan that arrived last week. It’s not bad at all. Technically very good for an MMORPG although I think my interest in MMOs is waning a bit now. It should get a good write up but I’ll make sure to link to the full thing when I’ve finished writing it.

Finally, in this patchy entry: Can anyone name a game where you kill innocent women just because? I don’t mean female ninjas or whatever, i.e. people that are ‘kill or be killed’ types. I mean totally innocent ones.
Just something that I was discussing the other day in a tirade about how gory slasher films can get away without criticism but not violent games despite the fact they always seem to involve some poor young, attractive woman get tortured and murdered by some random nutter. Which personally I find much more disturbing than anything I’ve seen in a game. I’m certainly not saying they should be banned (I don’t really agree with banning of anything fictional), it just seems daft that they are fine but games aren’t. I’m guessing it’s because games are a new media that the conservatives of the world (that’s conservative with a small c) just don’t understand yet.
Anyway if someone can name a game, let me know!

2 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 5 and Age of Conan

  1. borandi

    Jericho is pretty easy on hard, but there are codes available at the achievement websites for 2x damage, infinite ammo and quick health regen which don’t stop the achievements. They’re not really needed however.

    I missed so much on Lost Odyssey without the guide, and it does help with all the random item pickups.

    Name a game? Err…. GTA maybe? One of the achievements is for 10 melee counters in 4 minutes, so you have to find randoms for that. Or Carmageddon (old game for PC) which involves running over people. I think they had to change it to zombies (i.e. exactly like humans, but green blood) after the demo which did involve red blood was set upon by the ESRB. I’m personally not into horror games or films (I wasn’t too keen on Max Payne), and have the original Condemned waiting to be played. I tried FEAR on PC at the dead of night once – not a good experience!

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